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MUST WATCH! EXTREMELY SAD VIDEO Shows How Christian Families Are Horribly Abused By Muslims

SHOEBAT.COM By Theodore Shoebat A Christian family in Pakistan was enslaved by Muslims, who beat the husband and abused the wife. When they saw the son going to school, they were enraged because they wanted him to be their slave. They attacked him, beat him, took his textbooks and burned them all. It was our […]

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Turkey, The Nation Of The Antichrist, Is Paving The Way For ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey, the nation of the Antichrist, is paving the way for ISIS. I did a video interview on the Stan Solomon Show to talk about this: Turkey is now saying that they will not provide the US support to fight ISIS until they provide more support to rebel groups to bring down […]

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Two Muslims Break Into Christian Woman’s Room As She Is Sleeping, They Take Her Daughter And Put A Gun On Her Head, And Force Her To Watch Her Mother Get Brutally Raped Over And Over Again

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat A horrible and extremely sad sorry has come our way. A Christian woman and her daughter, who were both living as slaves, alongside her husbands, in a brick kiln, were horrifically attacked. Two Muslims broke into their room while the husband was gone, took the daughter and put a gun […]

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Liberal Comedian should have Ben Affleck back on the show to talk about ISLAM, only this time with his ‘Good Friend’ Muslim Huma Abedin

Liberal MSNBC personality Chris Hayes is defending Islam in the wake of the heated debate between Bill Maher and Hollywood actor Ben Affleck. Hayes, who is a supposed champion of things like gay marriage and womens’ rights has picked a curious thing to defend. Nonetheless, Hayes’ argument is that Maher might be better served to […]

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SUBWAY Commercial Features Woman Wearing BACON Eyebrows without a Hijab

Earlier this year, reported on the decision by U.K. Subway sandwich shop stores to ban bacon from their menus after bowing to pressure from Muslims who insisted that only halal food be served. Shockingly, the 1500 store chain actually justified the ban based on “animal welfare concerns” and “religious communities” concerns. Providing more than […]

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Journalist Tracks Down IRS Official who is Accessory to Terror Funding and Neighbor won’t let her in when she Tries to Escape

Journalist Jason Mattera tracked down disgraced former IRS official Lois Lerner and demanded that she apologize for targeting conservatives. Lerner responded by going to a neighbor’s house and frantically attempted to get the woman inside to let her in; she would not. In fact, the man of the house came out a bit later from […]

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Antichrist Turkey Calling for Ground Troops Against ISIS in Kobane part of larger plan

The Syrian town of Kobane, which sits along that country’s border with Turkey, has become a key strategic area to help carry out Turkey’s deceptive plan. The Islamic State is making huge gains in Kobane and the surrounding northern border region against the Kurds. Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is calling for ground troops to […]

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Ex-Imam of Oklahoma City Mosque attended by Beheader Alton Nolen ‘Apologize(s)’ to ISIS and al-Qaeda for ‘Demonizing’ them just Two Days after Beheading

Two days after Alton Nolen followed the examples set by ISIS upon entering his former place of business where he beheaded a co-worker, the former Imam of the mosque Nolen attended issued an apology – to ISIS and al-Qaeda. The Imam, Suhaib Webb, went through his old writings and concluded that he’d been too hard […]

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