British Prime Minister David ‘The Dhimmi’ Cameron Brings Muslims to 10 Downing Street and Insists ISIS not Islamic

If you’re able to watch this all the way through, you should get an award. British Prime Minister David Cameron couldn’t have embarrassed himself more if he’d have given this speech wearing nothing more than shoes and socks.

The occasion was an Eid reception at 10 Downing Street and Cameron referenced the atrocities committed by ISIS – to include the beheadings of two British citizens – while praising the Muslim community. He also had Barack Obama’s talking points with him, saying that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, despite the fact that the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Baghdad.

Another point of note is Cameron’s reference to Abraham being prepared to sacrifice his own son. Cameron, who admitted to being a Christian did not make any claim that he believed the son Abraham nearly sacrificed was Isaac; that would have been politically incorrect.

Cameron is actually exacerbating the problem by duplicating the same course chosen by his predecessor Tony Blair and Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush. By embracing the notion of ‘moderate’ Islam, Cameron is attempting to create the perception that there are clear lines of distinction between terrorists and political jihadists.

Unless you are talking about means, there is not. Both desire an Islamic Caliphate and Cameron knows this. At this point, he’s consciously choosing dhimmitude / surrender.

h/t BNI


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