Canadian Writer Says ISIS Spreading ‘Ideological Ebola’

In an interview with Ezra Levant of Sun News, Canadian writer Mark Steyn spoke about the weak response of western governments to the rise of ISIS, which he said is spreading a kind of “ideological Ebola”. Steyn rightly contends that there is an unwillingness on the part of western leaders to confront the problem or even acknowledge how serious it is.

As an example, Steyn refers to the potential fall of Baghdad to ISIS, which would symbolize a huge victory for western civilization’s enemy because Baghdad was the heart of a Caliphate for hundreds of years. If it falls to ISIS, a Caliphate will rule it again.

In the second half of the interview, Steyn talks about the motives of Barack Obama and whether they are intentional based on the President’s contempt for America. In short, Steyn believes that regardless of what replaces America as it exists today, Obama would prefer it:

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