Muslim Woman Makes SHOCKING Admission to Liberal Atheist Comedian that Muslims Who Convert To Christianity in Gaza will be Murdered

In a stunning admission, Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal conceded that if a Muslim in Gaza announced that he had converted to Christianity, he would be likely be murdered. She did this while appearing as a guest on Bill Maher’s show Real Time. Maher, a far left liberal atheist comedian has found himself pitted against Muslims and other liberals ever since he took on Ben Affleck last month.

It is beyond obvious that liberal atheist comedian Bill Maher is very uncomfortable being at the center of a Muslim controversy. He’s quite open about wanting to move on but the recent objection by Muslims in response to UC Berkeley’s decision to allow him to deliver a commencement speech there in December just keeps the embers burning, as reported.

After making a statement on his October 31st show that he is not backing down from giving the commencement speech, Maher got into another Muslim debate, this time with Jebreal. Despite Jebreal wanting a real brawl with Maher, the host basically kept one arm tied behind his back, clearly not wanting to dive into the debate again. Despite this, the lines he did deliver torpedoed Jebreal’s arguments.

Her admission – as a Palestinian – that converting away from Islam in a “Palestinian” territory would get you killed said far more than anything else uttered in the video below. For one thing, one can logically assume that Jebreal was referring to the strict Sharia compliance and iron fist rule of Hamas. What she did not say – and Maher did not press – was that Hamas is the military arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is in control of several regions and countries in the Middle East.

Had Maher been a bit more engaged, he could have sent Jebreal away in tatters:

Just prior to the above debate, Maher issued a statement about the Berekely controversy and his decision not to back down:

As reported, Jebreal appeared on Fox News with Geraldo earlier this year and challenged him over Fox not having anyone from ‘Arab descent’ on that network. Aside from our enumerating several examples that included a suggestion to have Walid (an Arab) on Fox, might we suggest that Jebreal channel her energy to demand that Muslims in Gaza be allowed to convert to Christianity without being murdered.


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