Muslims Send This Message To Christians: Declare That There Is No God But Allah And That Muhammad Is His Messenger, Or Your Will Be Slaughtered

By Theodore Shoebat

In the areas of Nigeria where Boko Haram rules, with sharia code, Christians are randomly stopped and asked to recite a passage of the Koran called in Nigeria the “Kalimatu Shahada”, or “La ilaha illallah muhammad ur rasulullah”, or “there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” The Christians who are not able to recite this are butchered without mercy. This is happening in the area of Mubi, as we learn from a local named Joseph Namu who said:

Christians are killed by the insurgents on discovery that they cannot recite a part of the Koran known as Kalimatu Shahada and are not ready to denounce the name of Jesus Christ and embrace Islam … Even I had to lie that I was a Muslim because I could recite Kalimatu Shahada, so the insurgents granted me passage without further interrogation

According to the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria:

What is happening in the North-east is unacceptable to us. Christians are the main victims. We are not saying that other people are not affected. But Christians are the ones affected the most.

All the places where Boko Haram has foisted its flag are dominated by Christians. They have taken over Mubi in Adamawa State, which is dominated by Christians. Somebody will now tell me this is not religion. Who is fooling who? Nigerians should accept that we have a problem …

All well-meaning Nigerians must pray and continue to pray. We must pray. I will not join those condemning our security agencies. They are Nigerians. Women are losing their husbands and children are losing their fathers. I want to challenge the military. They can do better. They must continue to fish out those sabotaging their efforts. Those people should be expelled. They are in all the security agencies.

No matter the intention you have, if you have people working against you, you will not succeed. There are too many people in the system working against the system. Why should this kind of thing be happening?

…Innocent people are being killed. It’s too much. Enough is enough