Patriotic Newscasters Call For Terrorist Blood To Run In The Streets Over Deaths Of Soldiers

The video below is SHOCKING to watch but potentially even more so because of what it portends. It is a compilation of Egyptian newscasters reacting to the deaths of dozens of their country’s soldiers in the Sinai last month, at the hands of terrorists. While there are several different newscasters, the sentiment of each is the same; they all want President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi to unleash hell on the Muslim Brotherhood (h/t MEMRI):

As reported after the terrorists struck in the Sinai, el-Sisi insisted that the attack was “foreign-funded” and that the source of that funding wants to “break the back of Egypt”, though he did not elaborate. The most likely candidate is indeed Turkey. After the overthrow of Mohammed Mursi in 2013, Turkey has become a safe haven for Brotherhood leaders who have been able to escape.

It’s worthy of note that the newscasters above are fed up with simple arrests of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and operatives. They want executions of those already jailed and the slaughter of those still on the loose. They believe el-Sisi has been too restrained and want the iron fist to come down.

For his part, el-Sisi is walking a political tightrope. Turkey has gone to great lengths to build the pro-Brotherhood propaganda machine. Unfortunately for Egypt, that machine incorporates the communications and directives of already imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leaders. If the newscasters had their way, Mursi and the others would be executed immediately to end the transmissions.

El-Sisi knows, however, that Turkey has already been able to victimize the Brotherhood prisoners by generating sympathy for them, as was done in this video from earlier this year:

The calculus that el-Sisi is wrestling with most certainly involves the reaction of Turkey to the execution of Brotherhood prisoners; anti-Egyptian fervor has already been whipped up as a result of their arrests. Executions would take that up a notch for sure; el-Sisi knows this.

A problem for him is that if the sentiment expressed by the aforementioned newscasters is shared by the Egyptian people, his country may be on the brink of another 30 million man march in the streets that precipitated Mursi’s ouster. If that’s the case, el-Sisi may soon start opening up the gallows to satiate the angry masses.

If Egypt is ultimately going to go down the road advocated by the newscasters, there is something else it may want to factor into the equation. As long as Syria hangs in the balance, Turkey is still somewhat distracted and perhaps not as likely to focus solely on Egypt. Once Assad falls, expect Egypt to rest firmly in the sights of the one-eyed Turkish monster.

As Walid wrote earlier this year:

The two missing links for Turkey to establish the Caliphate is the removal of Assad from Syria which ISIS has been the proxy for Turkey as well as the restoring of power of the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt.

If the Egyptian people are pushing el-Sisi to go medieval on the Brotherhood and perhaps more important, if el-Sisi believes that will one day be his only option, he may have a new calculus to consider. Should he do so before Assad falls or after?


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