Muslim Imam The Source of Ebola Outbreak in New Country

To this point, the West African Ebola outbreak has been limited to three countries – Liberia (13% Muslim), Sierra Leone (73% Muslim), and Guinea (85% Muslim). The world may have to contend with the virus in a fourth country due to an Imam who traveled to Mali from Guinea after becoming infected.

According to a report from the New York Times:

The West African nation of Mali, which just beat its first outbreak of Ebola, has confirmed a second one that is larger and more threatening, global health authorities said on Wednesday.

The victim who apparently began the new outbreak was an imam who fell ill in Guinea and traveled to Mali for better treatment at a major private clinic in Bamako, the capital.

Mali’s Muslim population sits at about 90%.

Two things that could facilitate in the spread of Ebola have to do with Islam. One is the religion’s burial practices, which are incredibly dangerous when it comes to Ebola, as reported. The other has to do with the Jihadist mindset found in Islam, which is clearly held by a significant percentage of Muslims in the Muslim Super Majority countries where Ebola is a problem.

Liberia, which has the smallest Muslim population of the four countries now involved, had been the country with the largest outbreak. However, reports are that Liberia has been bringing the Ebola crisis under control while Sierra Leone’s problem has been growing.

This, from a recent report:

…despite the recent positive turn in Liberia, infections are up in Sierra Leone and in parts of Guinea. Sierra Leone added 218 cases in two days, according to a report released Friday by the World Health Organization.

That same report includes information about an Ebola-infected patient from Sierra Leone who is receiving treatment in Omaha, Nebraska:

…a Maryland surgeon working in Sierra Leone has been diagnosed with Ebola. The plan is to fly him to the United States for treatment at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha on Saturday, according to an Obama administration official.

The surgeon, Martin Salia, 44, is a Sierra Leone citizen and a permanent U.S. resident who lives in Maryland. He will be the third Ebola patient at the Omaha hospital, which has a special isolation unit, and the 10th person with Ebola to be treated in the United States. On Tuesday, Craig Spencer was released from a New York hospital.

Salia’s case notwithstanding, the fact remains that there are plenty of would-be Islamic martyrs (Mujahids) who believe that dying in the act of Jihad is the best way to go. The fact also remains that said Muslims who are already infected with Ebola may see hopelessness but also opportunity. Between this mentality and the extremely dangerous Muslim burial practices when it comes to Ebola-infected victims, if western nations are going to continue to play with the fire of importing Ebola patients for treatment, they would do well to profile such patients as well.

Not doing so would be like playing with fire and gasoline.


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