Police Tell Citizens To Hide Their National Flag To Avoid Angering Muslims

It takes a special brand of institutionalized, bureaucratic insanity for police of any nation to tell their own citizens to hide their country’s flag so as not to provoke those who find the flag objectionable. Fortunately, in this case, the flag-waving German patriots didn’t listen. One man can be heard mocking the police for suggesting something so insane.

Moreover, that appeared to be the end of the police request. It’s hard to tell but maybe the officer realized just how boneheaded he sounded after the words came out of his mouth.

The larger issue here is that western leaders, officials and law enforcement are all avoiding the Islamic elephant in the room and are putting pressure on their own citizens not to provoke that elephant. Meanwhile, citizens that make up otherwise civilized societies are themselves being provoked by their own leaders and officials as a result.

Problematic for these bureaucrats is that they’re increasingly angering their own people and will one day have to face them AND the elephant.

h/t BNI


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