Major American Institution Takes Millions Of Dollars From Islamic Terrorists To Tell People That Islam Is A Religion Of Peace

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

Americans do not realize that Muslims will use every means possible – including the womb – to infiltrate any Christian society in order to destroy it from within. Jihad comes in many forms, including bribery. Millions of dollars are coming from the nation of Qatar to America to publish propaganda.

Two ‘experts’ with the prominent left-wing think tank Brookings Institute – Dr. Daniel Byman and Tamara Cofman Wittes – published a memorandum to Barack Obama entitled, Muslim Brotherhood Radicalizes. In it, they argue that the Brotherhood should be appeased, not exposed. The piece was published in response to Egypt declaring the Brotherhood a terrorist organization and comes across as a defense of Egypt’s Brotherhood.

Brookings Institute's Tamara Cofman Wittes (L) and Daniel Byman (R)

Brookings Institute’s Tamara Cofman Wittes (L) and Daniel Byman (R)

The introduction says it all:

By declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, Egypt risks radicalizing the group’s members and destabilizing the region further. Daniel Byman and Tamara Wittes argue that the Obama administration should engage with peaceful Islamists, push Egypt to allow Brotherhood supporters to participate in legitimate political and social activity, cooperate with Egypt on legitimate terrorism threats and expand counter-radicalization efforts there.

One can find a bit more specificity a few paragraphs in:

To sustain a peaceful alternative for Brotherhood supporters, you should press the Egyptian government to release from prison Islamist politicians who commit to non-violence, and to allow a range of Islamist parties to organize, compete in elections, and participate in governance. Former President Morsi is now on trial for a host of charges, some questionable, in a highly politicized environment. The United States should not make his release the measure of success for its diplomacy. But it should continue to press the Egyptian government to engage with Brotherhood figures seeking reconciliation, and should insist that Morsi receive fair treatment. U.S. officials should engage with all Egyptian politicians, including Islamists committed to non-violent political participation—even if this displeases the Egyptian government.

It should be noted that Byman and Cofman Wittes work for the same Brookings Institute which the New York Times revealed in September had agreed to accept $14 million from the extremely Muslim Brotherhood-friendly nation of Qatar over four years. As reported, Qatar is buying influence; it is not simply being generous.

Wittes was a prominent voice within the Obama State Department from 2009-2012 as deputy assistant to secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, smack dab in the middle of the Arab Spring that has proven disastrous for the world and served to aid in the rise of ISIS. The memorandum she co-wrote with Byman indicates she’s learned nothing about the intentions of the Brotherhood, assuming she’s ignorant of those intentions and not in league with them.

Appeasing Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood serves the interests of the same Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar, which is home to the group’s spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Americans need to stop seeing nation states and start seeing the ideology behind a Caliphate mentality.

Speaking of Qatar, Byman and Wittes were both present at the 2013 installment of the U.S.-Islamic World Forum (US-IWF) held in Doha, that nation’s capital each year (save for 2011 when it was held in Washington, DC). has written extensively on the relationship between Brookings and Qatar through the US-IWF.

Wittes was also present at the 2012 US-IWF, held in late May of that year, a few months after leaving her position at State. In a speech given by then Deputy National Security Advisor under Barack Obama, Denis McDonough, who has since become Obama’s Chief of Staff, McDonough singled out Wittes at the beginning of his speech, saying that he missed her presence in the Situation Room:

Typically, the US-IWF is rife with Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers. The aforementioned video of McDonough is cued up to start with a shot of the audience. In full view is Farah Pandith, a Muslim woman working at the State Department who was sworn in using a Qur’an; Abdullah bin Bayyah, deputy to al-Qaradawi; Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood connected envoy to the OIC Rashad Hussain; then ISNA President Mohammed Magid; and CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad among others. is also familiar with Dr. Byman. Last year, one month after the US-IWF which he attended, at a Foreign Affairs Subcommittee hearing, Byman displayed an astonishing level of ignorance considering he is supposed to be an ‘expert’ on the Middle East.

The occasion was an exchange between Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Byman and two other ‘experts’ about our “Ironclad” Report, which shows Egyptian involvement in the Benghazi attacks. It’s worth noting that the hearing took place 10 months after four Americans were murdered in Benghazi, to include U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Rohrabacher presented our EXHIBIT B, a Libyan Intelligence document that reported six Egyptians were arrested for their roles in the attacks and that they named then President Mohammed Mursi as having been a financier / backer of their efforts. When asked about that alleged Egyptian involvement in the attacks, Byman said:

“I’ve seen some press reports about Egyptians involved in the attack, sir, but as far as their affiliation, I do not know.”

It was stunning! An ‘expert’ didn’t know the affiliation of Egyptians involved in the attack. As has been demonstrated on numerous occasions, one Egyptian group involved in the attack was the Muhammad Jamal Network (MJN). As reported, Fox News Channel’s Catherine Herridge reported in November of 2012, Jamal himself had been arrested, several months prior to Byman’s declaration of ignorance at a congressional hearing.

Note: Actually, Herridge reported on the Jamal Network being named as a suspect group. It was the Wall Street Journal that reported on Jamal’s arrest on December 7, 2012.

Months after Byman’s testimony, Jamal was still in an Egyptian jail – where he is believed to be right now.



Here is the portion of the July 10, 2013 subcommittee hearing exchange between Rohrabacher and Byman about an Egyptian connection to Benghazi (Just prior to Byman portraying ignorance, one of the other witnesses mentions the Jamal Network without mentioning the fact that Jamal had been incarcerated for nearly a full year by that point):

About one month later, Rohrabacher was asked about Benghazi at a town hall meeting. He predicted that what he knew “could very well bring down President Obama”. That was well more than a year ago:

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much from Rep. Rohrabacher on this subject since that hearing or the subsequent town hall.

The much larger issue in all of this is that Brookings is taking millions of dollars from possibly the most Muslim Brotherhood-friendly country per capita and its leaders are either running interference for or outright supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.


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