Archive | December 15, 2014

Turkey Is Turning More Into A Tyrannical Antichrist State

By Walid Shoebat  Can Turkey under Erdoğan any longer be deemed a reliable western ally, especially after the raids against opposition journalists, ex-police chiefs and investigators highlight how far the president has distanced Turkey from the west. The other question is, where is Turkey heading; is it going to join the European Union to becoming […]

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By Theodore Shoebat The homosexual elites want us to think that we must bake cakes for homosexual weddings because Christ said, “Render unto Caesar’s,” as if Christ wanted us to acquiesce to the sodomite agenda. What they want us to ignore is the second half of the passage, and that is, give unto God what […]

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Muslim Reporter Who Said ISIS Is not Islamic Argues Islamic Terrorist not part of ISIS

Earlier this year, Muslim reporter Ayman Mohyeldin of MSNBC told us that ISIS is not Islamic and is not driven by religion. This claim is curious on its own but Mohyeldin chose an interesting argument in the wake of the Sydney hostage incident earlier today. Mohyeldin seemed to go to significant lengths to distance the […]

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Muslims Who Insist ISIS Not Islamic Get Mad when Non-Muslims Publish ISIS Cartoon

Barack Obama told us that ‘ISIL is not Islamic’. Leaders of Muslim groups told us that ISIS is even ‘anti-Islamic’. Yet, the editor of a newspaper that published a cartoon that mocked ISIS may be facing the wrath of Islamic blasphemy laws. #Indonesia: Jakarta Post editor faces blasphemy charge for cartoon mocking #ISIS – Absurd. […]

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Christians Sing Christmas Carols, Hindus Attack Them And Brutally Beat Them

By Theodore Shoebat Christians in India were singing Christmas carols when Hindus, seeing them with the utmost of hatred, attacked them and beat brutally beat them, especially the pastor. This is just one of the many incidents that have been taking place in India, in which Hindus are attacking, raping, and even killing Christians. We […]

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Muslim Leaves Islam And Accepts Christ, Other Muslims Seize Him And Stab Him In The Chest

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim in Pakistan recently left Islam and accepted Christ. When the other Muslims found out, they took him and stabbed him in the chest and left him for dead. He survived and fled to England where an Anglican church helped him find refuge. According to the report: As a 17-year-old convert […]

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Hindus Plan On Forcing 4000 Christian Families To Convert To Hinduism On Christmas Day

By Theodore Shoebat Hindus in India plan on forcefully converting 4000 Christian families on Christmas day, as we read from one report: Extremist Hindu groups in India plan to convert over 4000 Christian and 1000 Muslim families to Hinduism on Christmas day this year. Past “conversion events” have been linked to acts of violence or […]

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ISIS Terrorists Take People Hostage as Prime Minister Says he Doesn’t Know Motive of the ISIS Terrorists

At the time of this writing, the situation inside a Sydney, Australia cafe is very fluid but one thing that’s known is that hostages were made to hold an ISIS flag in the window. This pretty much tells the world what’s going on inside the cafe: Pictures showed a black and white flag similar to […]

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Homosexual Gang Takes Man, Strips Him Naked, Ties Him Up, And Rapes Him Until Blood Pours Out Of His Anus

By Theodore Shoebat A horrific event has taken place in Jamaica, in which a group of homosexuals took a man who was about to go jogging, stripped him naked, tied him up, and gang raped him until blood poured out of his anus. We are going to be seeing this type of violence from homosexuals […]

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