Archive | December 28, 2014

Politician RIPS Other Politicians Who Refuse to Acknowledge Terrorists are Muslims

During a television interview about the recent terror attacks in her country, politician Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front party in France, went off on other politicians who refuse to identify Muslim terrorists for what they are. One of the things that set her off in this exchange was when the anchor suggested […]

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Satanists Set Up Satanic Shrine In Florida To Mock Nativity Scene, Righteous Christian Woman Tears It Down

By Theodore Shoebat Satanists in Florida set up a Satanic display in Florida to mock a Nativity scene. A Christian woman, named Susan Hemeryck, who saw it, was filled with zeal and righteously tore it down. I did a whole video on this: According to one Catholic sauce: Here is the picture of the righteous […]

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