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The Man Who Just Murdered Two Police Officers In Brooklyn Is A Muslim Jihadist (BE PREPARED FOR MORE MUSLIM VIOLENCE IN AMERICA)

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Walid Shoebat So Ismaaiyl Brinsley the killer of the two cops in Brooklyn, NY, has two Muslim names “Ismaaiyl” and a middle name “Abdullah” (see mugshot bellow) which means “servant of Allah,” is a fan of sheikh Yusuf Estes, who is not only neck deep in the Muslim Da’wa movement (the call to convert […]

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Churches In America Are Being Attacked By Terrorists And Set On Fire, Church Burnings In America Have Gone Rampant (CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION IS HERE IN AMERICA)

By Theodore Shoebat Church burnings are becoming disturbingly frequent in America. We talk about church burnings in Nigeria, in Iraq, Syria, India, but what we are not talking about is that its happening right here in the United States, without any calls of hate crime or discriminations. The media wants us to think that hate […]

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Christians Create Well Organized Militia To Fight Off Muslim Terrorists From Attacking Their Villages And Churches (THEY HAVE ALREADY KILLED MANY OF THE JIHADISTS)

By Theodore Shoebat Christians have formed a new militia called the Syriac Military Council, to fight off Islamic terrorists from attacking their churches and villages, and they have already killed off many Islamic jihadists. I did a whole video on this: According to a report: The Syriac Military Council (MFS) was established in January 2013 […]

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Obama Caught Favoring Muslims over North Korean Communists

Barack Obama’s reaction to SONY’s decision to not release The Interview based on hacked emails and bomb threats is in direct contradiction to his reaction to Google’s decision not to take down the Innocence of Muslims video after the Benghazi attacks. This reality has made it almost too easy to once again show just how […]

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ISIS Is Now Using Churches As Actual Torture Chambers To Torture Christians And Force Them To Convert To Islam

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS is now using churches in Iraq as actual torture chambers to torture Christians and force them to convert to Islam. Abu Aasi, a priest in Mosul told the Sunday Times that Christians, and others, are being held captive in the churches of Bahnam Wa Sara and Al Kiama where they are […]

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Obama Releases Major Muslim Terrorist Who Owned Uranium To Manufacture Nuclear Bombs

President Barack Obama having not succeeded in keeping his promise to close Gitmo within a year of becoming president is now resorting to a different tactic. He is releasing Gitmo inmates, and not just any Gitmo terrorist, but top Taliban intelligence official who kept Stinger missiles and uranium at his farm. But it even gets […]

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Hindus Take Young Woman And And Gang Rape Her, As They Are Raping Her, They Take Her 2 Year Old Son And Crush Him To Death

By Theodore Shoebat In India, just recently, a gang of Hindus in India took a young woman, and gang raped her. As the animals were raping her, they took her two year old son and crushed him to death. The report says: A 27-year-old woman from Maharashtra was allegedly gang raped and her son brutally […]

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Homosexual Teenager In Tennessee Attacks 69 Year Old Man And Rapes Him (SODOM AND GOMORRA IS HERE)

By Theodore Shoebat A homosexual teenager in Tennessee named Diontae Smartt attacked a 69 year old man while he was jogging and raped him, just as the homosexuals in Sodom wanted to rape the two angels. This is why we must out the homosexual agenda, or more of such evils will become more and more […]

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