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Muslim Man Abducts Christian Girl, Locks Her Up In A Room, And Rapes And Beats Her For Two And A Half Months

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat A Christian girl in Pakistan, named Noreen Masih, was abducted by a Muslim man who locked her up in a room. For two and a half months he raped and beat Noreen. She eventually was freed and soon married. But even after her marriage, her Muslim tormenter kidnapped her again, […]

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Ambassador Angers Israeli Journalist After Saying Jews Should Welcome Discrimination in Favor of Muslims

There was a time when it was much easier to create the perception that when it comes to the Israelis and Palestinians, both sides are at fault. That has become more difficult, as last summer’s fighting in Gaza demonstrated. The media was doing all it could to push a narrative it knew to be false […]

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Muslims Take Christian Woman, Strip Her Completely Naked, Tie Her With Rope, And Force Her Husband To Watch Them Rape Her. They Rape Her Every Day, And Burn Her Body With Cigarettes (WATCH THE VIDEO)

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Pakistan took a Christian woman, named Iqra Masih, stripped her completely naked, and tied her with rope. They then took her husband, Danish Masih, tied him with rope, and forced him to watch them gang raping his wife. They raped her every day, and when she resisted, a […]

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ISIS Creates Giant Rockets Loaded With Poisonous Scorpions, They Are Already Using Them And Are Now Planning On Unleashing Them Into The United States And Also Poison The American Water Supplies

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) The Daily Mail has revealed that ISIS has unveiled their latest terror tactic – bombs containing hundreds of live scorpions designed to spread fear among their enemies. But what they missed is the crucial issue, such deviant plans are also intended to be carried out in the United States. “Canisters […]

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MAJOR MASSACRE Muslims Enter School, Open Fire On Random Victims And Slaughter 132 Children

By Theodore Shoebat Seven Muslims, all members of the Pakistani Taliban, entered a military ran school in Pakistan and opened fire indiscriminately on their victims, slaughtering 132 children and nine staff members. Asim Bajwa, a Pakistani military spokesman, told reporters: Their sole purpose, it seems, was to kill those innocent kids. That’s what they did […]

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Trey Gowdy Gives TROUBLING Answers on Benghazi in Interview

Not sure how we missed this but it is a potentially disturbing development for those relying on Rep. Trey Gowdy and his House Select Committee to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi. After the committee’s second hearing on December 10th, Gowdy appeared on Greta van Susteren’s On The Record to discuss what […]

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Muslims Murder Innocent School Students in Pakistan

With the recent news of the heinous terror attack perpetrated by Muslims against schoolchildren in Pakistan, we bring you a report from one of our Rescue Christians contacts on the ground: Islamabad, Pakistan 16th Dec, 2014 – Six Islamic terrorists stormed a school in Pakistan on Tuesday 16th Dec, 2014, killing at least 137 people, […]

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State Department Official Admits Someone Responsible for Refusing to Give Americans Machine Gun to Protect Against Muslim Terrorists

Another potentially very explosive admission was made by a State Department witness at the second House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing last week. It came after Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) asked Asst Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security Gregory Starr about a request made for a machine gun by personnel on the ground in Benghazi. […]

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Anti-Islamization Group in Germany Compared to Nazis Who Were Allies of Muslim Brotherhood

Anti-Islamic immigration protesters that are part of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident (PEGIDA) in Germany are being referred to by left-wing journalists as ‘pinstripe Nazis’ because of the way they dress and outwardly conduct themselves but this charge runs into a rather large snag in one simple respect. Nazis collaborated with […]

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