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ISIS Is Now Selling Thousands Of Underaged Sex Slaves In The Nude (WATCH THE VERY RARE VIDEO ON THE SEX SLAVERY MARKET)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) To get footage on the ISIS sex-slave market has been impossible due to the high secrecy not to reveal the clientele or the product, but we will show some rare footage from the past so this way westerners can get an idea of what is currently taking place in the Middle […]

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Flag of Afghanistan Adopted AFTER U.S. Invasion Includes Islamic Conversion Prayer and the Words ‘Islamic State’

Reza Mohebbii used to be a Muslim living in Afghanistan. He is now an atheist living in Sweden. In the YouTube video below, Reza holds up a flag of his former country and points out that it includes the Islamic Shahada or the Creed. It is also known as the conversion prayer that so many […]

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Pissed Off Christians Take Up Their Weapons And Fight, Resist, And Kill Off Muslim Terrorists (GOD WILLS IT!)

By Theodore Shoebat Christians living on the border between Lebanon and Syria have formed a serious militia. They are pissed off, proud Christian fanatics who have picked up their guns and have successfully fought, resisted and killed off Muslim terrorists. I did a whole video on them: According to the report: In Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, […]

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Hindus Attack Church, Tear The Cross Off, And Replace It With An Image Of Their Demon God Shiva

By Theodore Shoebat Hindus in India attacked a church, they tore the cross off and replaced it with an image of their demon god Shiva. As one report says: The trouble started a few months ago, when Hindu nationalists swept into a small village where several families had converted to Christianity more than a decade […]

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Keffiyeh-Wearing Muslim Protester from Ferguson Shows Support for NYPD Cop Killer

Within hours of the execution-style shooting deaths of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu as they ate lunch in their patrol car, protesters took to the streets of St. Louis later that night to express their support for… the murderer. Toward the end of the video, a man identified by Gateway Pundit as Bassem […]

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Seven Homosexuals Take British Soldier, And Take Turns Raping Him; Homosexuals Then Take Three More Soldiers, And Anally Rape Each One

By Theodore Shoebat Seven homosexuals in the British military took a British soldier and gang raped him. In another situation, some homosexuals took three British soldiers and also raped them. There is a significant increase in rape within the military, specifically homosexual rape. According to one report: At least three rapes and 22 sexual assaults […]

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