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British Soldiers Defend Christian Village From Being Utterly Massacred By ISIS (ISIS IS TERRIFIED)

By Theodore Shoebat A secret British military squad built twelve watch towers around the Christian village of Ras Baalbek, and the towers have terrified ISIS from massacring and conquering the village. God bless the British government for this, for any force used to defend the Church is worthy of Heaven’s blessing. I did a whole […]

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JUST CAME IN Muslims Invade Village, Slaughter The People And Burn Down Their Churches, Villagers Stay Their Ground And Fight Them Off

By Theodore Shoebat Boko Haram Muslim jihadists in Nigeria attacked the Lassa town area, where the massacred people and burned down churches. A local vigilante group prevented the villagers from fleeing and told them to stand their ground and fight. Ali Mamza, a member of the militia, said: If we flee today, tomorrow, we will […]

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Cathedral on U.S. Soil At Risk of Suffering Same Fate as Hagia Sophia

Those familiar with our work are aware of our writings on the Hagia Sophia. We wanted to pass along this thought-provoking column by Monica Morrill published at American Thinker. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Allahu Akbar By Monica Morrill The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is immovable, guarded by four Islamic […]

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Major American Institution Takes Millions Of Dollars From Islamic Terrorists To Tell People That Islam Is A Religion Of Peace

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack **SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** Americans do not realize that Muslims will use every means possible – including the womb – to infiltrate any Christian society in order to destroy it from within. Jihad comes in many forms, including bribery. Millions of dollars are coming from the nation of Qatar to America […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Pastor’s Home, He Covers His Two Young Children To Protect Them, The Muslims Murder Him, And Then Slaughter The Children

By Theodore Shoebat Three Muslim Taliban jihadists in Afghanistan attacked a Christian pastor’s home dressed as police officers. They shot the pastor in the leg and he immediately ran upstairs to protect his two young children. He covered them with his own body, and the Muslims entered the room, shot him dead and then slaughtered […]

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Citizens Outraged Over Muslim Immigration

As the cowardly and pliable leaders of the European Union choose the path of least resistance by opening the floodgates for Muslim immigrants, Italian citizens are reaching their breaking point. In the video below, Italians express their outrage over a Muslim invasion being forced upon them by the EU. In particular, the main grievance has […]

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If It Wasn’t For The Catholic Church, And The Crusades, There Would Be No Christianity

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat If it was wasn’t for the Catholic Church, and the Crusades, there would be no Christianity. All Christians in the world owe their gratitude to medieval Catholics who took up swords and fought to preserve the Faith. If it wash’t for them, Christianity would have been destroyed by the Muslims, […]

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