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Homosexual Activist Takes Man, Straps Him Onto A Bed, Stabs Him To Death, Sodomizes His Corpse, Cuts His Body To Pieces And Eats His Flesh

By Theodore Shoebat A homosexual activist in Canada, who goes by Luka Magnotta, murdered another man by strapping him onto a bed and stabbing him to death. He then proceeded to sodomize his body; after this, he cut the corpse to pieces and ate his flesh. He sent the foot of the victim, with a […]

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Western Leaders Are In OVER THEIR HEADS with Islamic Jihadists and MUST COME CLEAN

THREE TERRORISTS FEDS WANT YOU TO IGNORE By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack **SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** Everyone knows that when you’re in the human intelligence business, you have to engage and deal with dirty characters. What happens, however, when those dirty characters who double as informants, spies or human intelligence assets commit heinous crimes? Do their […]

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ISIS Terror Plot To Blow Up Memphis-Arkansas Bridge (ISIS Has The Ability To Make A Bomb Equivalent To Mini Nuclear Bomb)

The FBI is warning of a possible ISIS terror plot to blow up the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge after receiving an “anonymous threat,” FOX13 reports. What most are unaware of is that ISIS does have such ability and technology to carry out such a mission with ease as we shall demonstrate from real footage obtained from Middle […]

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The Truth About Hanukkah

By Varda Epstein from It’s Hanukkah and I am in hiding. I don’t want to see Facebook posts and news items about weird creative Hanukkah candelabras in which each flame stands for some new-fangled liberal cause. I don’t want to see the significance of potato pancakes explained to senators or read that Obama is […]

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The First Western Journalist Allowed Extensive Access Into ISIS Has Returned With A Warning: “ISIS Is Much Stronger And More Dangerous Than Anyone In The West Realizes”

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) When we speak of ISIS, many westerners doubt the extent of its power until of course one of their own goes and visits it. The first Western journalist in the world to be allowed extensive access to Isis territories in Syria and Iraq has returned from the region with a […]

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