ISIS and Other Islamists Meeting In Turkey Because It’s Safer

Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) is essentially synonymous with ISIS. It’s regarded as a precursor to ISIS by the hair-splitters but it’s the same thing for all intents and purposes. Some may argue that alliances between such groups have fallen apart but that’s only because rebels fighting Assad cannot be seen as being allied with ISIS in order to receive weapons.

If that sounds like good cop / bad cop, that’s because it is. As has reported, ISIS is already launching attacks on Kobane from Turkey.

With that as a premise, consider a report that the supposed ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria are being gobbled up by ISIS / al-Nusra:

Seventy-two Syrian rebel groups on Saturday announced a new coalition to battle the government of President Bashar Assad. But hopes that moderate rebels would dominate the meeting were dashed when extremists gained more of the 17 executive positions than had been expected.

Col. Muhammad Hallak, who represented a moderate faction attending the three-day organizational meeting, accused Islamists, especially Ahrar al Sham, which is known to work closely with al Qaida’s Syrian affiliate, the Nusra Front, of capturing more positions than its influence in the rebellion deserved/

Does that sound a bit reminiscent of what happened in Gaza in 2006? After demanding that Israel pull-out of Gaza and give it to the Palestinians, then President George W. Bush endorsed elections there in the name of Democracy only to witness the rise of Hamas in Gaza instead of the law and order in place under Israel.

The most barbaric enemies of western civilization are actually fleeing Syria to meet in Turkey. Why? Well, because it’s safer.

…as the groups were meeting here, the Nusra Front stormed the bases of two moderate rebel groups in Syria’s north: the Ansar Brigades in Idlib and the Haqq Front in Hama. The two groups, both of which were receiving U.S. support through a covert CIA program, surrendered to Nusra, delivered their weapons to Ahrar al Sham and returned to their homes. Some of the leaders escaped to Turkey, fearing arrest or revenge from Nusra.

With these attacks, Nusra completed the elimination of FSA groups from Idlib and leaves just one group in Hama province receiving U.S. support. Nusra now controls all the resupply routes to Turkey.

On Saturday, the newly elected head of the Revolutionary Command Council, retired judge Kais al Shaiek, said that the council would not replace the Syrian Opposition Coalition, the rebel organization that the Obama administration once recognized as the sole representative of the Syrian people. But he pointedly noted that his council would represent the interests of people inside Syria, a reference to accusations that the opposition coalition has little support among rebel groups doing the actual fighting.

Shaiek said, however, that the new council had held its meeting in Turkey because it feared attacks from the government.

Yet, al-Assad is public enemy number one with the U.S. Government and Turkey continues to remain a NATO ‘ally’.

Just this past September, the U.S. House and Senate voted to arm the ‘moderate’ rebels that are being absorbed by ISIS-friendlies.

Pointing this out will get you labeled as an extremist.


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