Walmart Selling Islamic Crescent Moon and Star Ornament for Tops of Christmas Trees

In light of the recent edict from a Muslim scholar that saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is worse than drinking alcohol, fornication and murder, it’s difficult to reconcile this latest development. According to an an account relayed by a certain Walmart shopper – who appears to have provided a photo – the superstore is selling Islamic crescents as Christmas tree toppers.

According to the Steve Deace website:

Last weekend, my wife and I determined it was time to get a new tree topper for our Christmas tree. For years, we had an angel tree topper, but we wanted to change things up with a star this year.

So, we braved the post-Black Friday rush to check out the options available at some of our local retailers.

We eventually wound up at a Walmart store. Wandering through the Christmas décor section, we found the products we wanted to shop, as well as one we really never imagined we would see – ever.

Nestled among the stars, angels, Santas, and those pointy things (does anyone know what those things are even called?), I found a crescent moon with a star. Not a happy, smiling, man-in-the-moon crescent moon … no, this was a crescent-and-star ornament that could only symbolize one religion: Islam.

I was blown away.

In light of this revelation, imagine holding up a crucifix as you walk into a Ramadan ceremony. Besides, according to the Muslim in the video below, saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is worse than murder. It makes one wonder how he would react if someone said, “Merry Christmas” while putting the Islamic crescent on the top of the tree:

But in all truth, there are Christians in America who would agree with Muslims and would do not support Christmas:

For a full refutation of the anti-christiams crowds click here.


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