Ambassador Angers Israeli Journalist After Saying Jews Should Welcome Discrimination in Favor of Muslims

There was a time when it was much easier to create the perception that when it comes to the Israelis and Palestinians, both sides are at fault. That has become more difficult, as last summer’s fighting in Gaza demonstrated. The media was doing all it could to push a narrative it knew to be false as reported.

Enter Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr, who made an absolutely absurd argument in Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference when he said that Jews should welcome being held to a double standard compared to Muslims.

This clearly angered Israeli journalist Caroline Glick, who tore into Vahr moments after slamming her glass of water on the table. Again, as it’s become more difficult to keep alive the lie that Israelis and Palestinians are equally at fault, people like Vahr are left with fewer options. In Vahr’s case, he makes an absolute fool of himself by advocating that a double standard be embraced.

h/t BNI


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