Muslim Extremists say that Jews are the descendants of Monkeys and Apes, Some Monkeys, some Apes?

When Muslim extremists say that Jews are the descendants of Monkeys and Apes, stories like these seem to disprove this beyond doubt.

Jews in Israel have come up with thousands of amazing inventions, technologies and cures, here is the latest amazing piece of medical technology developed by THOSE JOOOOOZ:

MEDICAL 3D HOLOGRAMS from Israel Up Close on Vimeo.

As a dear late friend of mine used to say “when the holocaust killed 6 million Jews in the ovens, what happened was that the cure for cancer and many other terminal diseases were delayed by many decades.” If this latest new technology does not prove that, what else will convince the haters of the Jews. By the way, if you are for a Palestinian State where Israel is today, you are also a hater of Jews too, that is not our view but the view of God himself.

Joel 3:2

I will Gather all Nations and there I will enter into the valley of Jehosephat and I will enter into Judgement with them on account of my heritage Israel whom they have scattered amongst the nations and divided up my land”

Jew hate or, Israel hate is illogical and it can only be the works of Satan. As the Bible clearly says “Salvation is through the Jews.”

Do not argue with us but hash it out with God and the Bible if you care to study it?


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