Muslims, Liberals and Racists to Blame For NYPD Murders and a Beer Summit Won’t Fix It

The marriage between Islam and liberalism is perhaps no more readily apparent than in the case of two murdered New York City police officers. A Muslim pulled the trigger and liberals have been rubbing raw the sores of discontent in Ferguson and New York City for months.

In the hours after the shooting of Democratic Congressman Gabrielle Giffords nearly four years ago, an article ironically titled “the Conscience of a liberal” by Paul Krugman of the New York Times implied Sarah Palin was to blame. You see, Palin had created a map with voting districts that had cross-hair targets on them. One such target was shown over Giffords’ district. It was patently absurd for Krugman to make that connection.

Having a ‘conscience’ requires consistency. Krugman has neither. For him to be consistent Al Sharpton, Mayor Bill de Blasio, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama are all guilty when it comes to the recent murders of two NYPD officers. The irony is these four men may actually be culpable in this case. All have helped get us to this point.

As reported, NYPD Police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were murdered execution-style by Muslim jihadist Ismaaiyl Brinsley as they sat in their patrol car.

The perceived culpability of NYC’s mayor de Blasio was not lost on NYPD officers. As he entered a press conference to address the murders, dozens of officers turned their backs on him in a show of contempt:

While addressing de Blasio in a statement, Edward Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association stated, “the blood of these two officers is clearly on your hands.” De Blasio has been front and center in recent weeks in the wake of the death of black man Eric Garner. During a press conference earlier this month, de Blasio poured gasoline on the fire when he referenced “centuries of racism” while talking about the decision not to indict any of his officers over Garner’s death.

Again, more irony. Garner died after being surrounded by cops because he was selling loose cigarettes on the sidewalk. The demand for these “loosies” has been created by exorbitant taxes on cigarettes in NYC that have priced people out of the market. It was de Blasio’s office that prioritized cracking down on the black market for these loosies. Yet, he decided it politically expedient to throw the police under the bus. That was before a Muslim man murdered Ramos and Liu at point blank range.

Beyond that, the two cops murdered by Brinsley were both minorities:

Exactly one week prior to the murders of Ramos and Liu, Al Sharpton’s protests included this gaggle of miscreants marching through the streets of NYC calling for “dead cops”.

Now that two NYPD officers are dead because of a Muslim inspired by the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases which include the likes of Sharpton profiteering from them, that race hustler would like people to believe he’s saddened by the loss:

Earlier this year in Ferguson, MO then New Black Panther Party (NBPP) leader and Muslim Malik Zulu Shabazz led a similar chant, though a bit more specific. Shabazz exhorted protesters to call for the death of police officer Darren Wilson, as reported:

When it comes to the differences in the Garner and Brown cases, the former is more complicated. Again, more irony is that many conservatives actually side with Garner when it comes to the reason for his arrest. The notion that six cops should descend on a man selling individual cigarettes is not only absurd but a reflection on de Blasio, not white ‘racists’. The Michael Brown case is much more cut and dried. The “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was made up; it was a lie and police officer Darren Wilson was rightfully exonerated.

He never should have been put in that position in the first place.

The despicable role played by de Blasio in New York in recent months was probably best played by Missouri’s Democrat Governor Jay Nixon when it came to the Michael Brown case. Nixon turned his back on Ferguson police in a way very similar to how de Blasio treated NYPD.

Before a grand jury was even convened to determine if there was enough evidence to indict officer Wilson, Nixon called for a ‘vigorous prosecution’ of the Ferguson police officer. Ultimately, the grand jury decided against an indictment:

After Wilson was exonerated, Nixon was challenged over his comments and looked disgracefully foolish:

Among other things, it is the jaw-droppingly similar behavior of a Missouri Governor and a NYC Mayor that implicate Barack Obama and Eric Holder. A common thread between Ferguson and NYC is Al Sharpton, who has not only visited the White House more than five dozen times during the Obama administration but did so earlier this month with de Blasio for the purpose of stoking racial flames in NYC.

It worked.

On December 2nd, Sharpton and de Blasio met with Obama in the White House; on December 13th, Sharpton’s mindless minions called for ‘dead cops’; on December 20th, they got them.

Here is an excerpt from a report about Sharpton’s meeting with Obama barely more than two weeks prior to the shooting deaths of Ramos and Liu, two minorities:

Bill de Blasio and “Co-Mayor” Al Sharpton are joined at the hip in New York, so why not in Washington?

De Blasio and the race-baiting Rev met with President Obama and other clergy, cops and pols Monday about “simmering” tensions between the police and minorities across the United States.

Sharpton, a White House regular under Obama, got a prime seat at the table — directly facing the president — during the two-hour session at the Eisenhower Office Building.

When it comes to Nixon jumping to the conclusion that Wilson was guilty, it’s eerily reminiscent of Obama’s response to a question in July 2009 about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates – a black Harvard professor – by white Cambridge police officer James Crowley. After saying, “I don’t have all the facts,” Obama asserted that “the police acted stupidly” in response to a question from Lynn Sweet:

As the facts came in, Obama and Gates both looked increasingly bad. It was obvious Obama wanted to keep the issue going; racial division is the mother’s milk of his politics. Unfortunately for the president, all indications were that Crowley – like Wilson – did everything right and that it was Gates who had acted stupidly. Crowley did not succumb when pressured to apologize. This made things worse for Obama, Gates and race hustlers.

Obama needed to dump his stock in this one. It was doing damage to him politically. What to do, what to do…

Someone came up with the perfect solution. A BEER SUMMIT at the White House to bury the hatchet Obama had put into Crowley’s back. It was Obama and Gates who needed an out, not Crowley. In fact, it was probably a mistake for Crowley to agree to it but he took the high road and went anyway.

There was even more irony at the White House as the elderly Gates, who relied on a cane to walk, was helped down the steps not by his friend Obama but by that ‘racist’ police officer.

Crowley helping Gates down steps at WH

Crowley helping Gates down steps at WH

When it comes to the murder of Ramos and Liu, a beer summit just won’t cut it, Mr. President.


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