Politician RIPS Other Politicians Who Refuse to Acknowledge Terrorists are Muslims

During a television interview about the recent terror attacks in her country, politician Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front party in France, went off on other politicians who refuse to identify Muslim terrorists for what they are. One of the things that set her off in this exchange was when the anchor suggested that the recent attacks in France were perpetrated by unstable lone wolves who were not Islamic.

Le Pen responded by saying that Islam attracts weak minds and the fact that the attacker shouted, ‘Allah hu Akbar’ should be seen for what it is – evidence.

That is true leadership in response to Islamic terrorism that no one wants to acknowledge. Unlike this, from Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who was telling people the motive of a terrorist hostage-taker with an Islamic flag in the window of the Cafe he took over, was unknown:

As Shoebat.com reported in the wake of these attacks, anyone who refuses to identify them as Islamic is in serious denial. The ISIS manifesto, revealed by Shoebat.com calls for increased attacks in the U.S., Canada and Europe (yes, that includes France).

What political cowards don’t understand is that there is a zeitgeist waiting to be tapped into across all of western civilization. The tinderbox of righteous indignation is just waiting to be set alight. The rise of politicians like Le Pen and Geert Wilders in recent years demonstrates it.

Now, contrast Le Pen’s interview with this exchange on CNN about the same attacks in France. Notice how these two go out of their way to avoid tying the attacks to Islamic terrorism:

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