Germany’s Chancellor Siding with Anti-Semites by Denouncing Protesters in the name of Tolerance

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inadvertently gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel a Hitler-like mustache last year during Merkel’s visit to Jerusalem, who knew it would consist of additional irony and perhaps even a little foreshadowing so many months later? As anti-Islamization sentiment is rising in her country, Merkel is siding with forces that largely support anti-Semitism and against those who want to expel it.

Who is Merkel defending?

Who is Merkel defending?

If you support Merkel in her opposition to the PEGIDA movement in her country, you might be a racist and a Nazi sympathizer. Once again, western leaders are demonstrating that they are the problem when it comes to confronting forces that want to drastically alter their countries, even conquer them. In Germany, right now, as has reported, citizens are rising up to demand something be done about the Islamization of their country.

Merkel is listening to them but is choosing to denounce them and side with the religion that her country’s – and perhaps the world’s – most ruthless leader sided with in World War II:

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has used her New Year’s Eve address to launch a scathing attack on the country’s growing anti-Muslim protests, calling its leaders racists who are driven by hatred.

In a televised message due to be broadcast tonight, Mrs Merkel urged Germans to turn their backs on demonstrations that have seen up to 17,000 people gather each Monday in the eastern city of Dresden to protest against the “Islamisation of the West”.

Speaking to those considering joining the protests, she said: “Do not follow those who have called the rallies. Because all too often they have prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts.”

She also condemned the movement’s co-opting of the “We are the people” slogan used in the rallies that led up to the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago.

“Today many people are again shouting on Mondays: ‘We are the people’. But in fact they mean: ‘You do not belong – because of the colour of your skin or your religion’,” she said.

Some moments are rife with incomprehensible irony. Merkel’s reaction to these protesters is one such moment. Are there likely troublemakers that have infiltrated the movement? Most assuredly yes, just like there are Tea Party infiltrators that are expunged as soon as they’re discovered.

However, the zeitgeist of the group is quite simple. It wants the removal of Nazism, socialism and Islam from Germany. Unlike the PEGIDA movement as it’s known, the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t infiltrate Islamic blocs; it leads them. When it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood, Merkel must know that the group and Hitler were allies.


Yet, instead of highlighting this reality and supporting the PEGIDA movement or even acknowledging its grievances, Merkel is looking more like a Nazi sympathizer and a demagogue in the name of tolerance.


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