Politician Wants People to Take ‘Dogs and Pigs Near To Mosques’ and ‘Muslim Neighborhoods’

Add Czechoslovakia to the list of western countries who are beginning to see anti-Islamic politicians get a bit of a following and make news in the process. The latest example comes from a political opposition group that is calling for pet owners to walk their dogs and pigs near mosques. While they’re at it, they’re being encouraged to pick up take along a few vagrants on their way.

If you have a dog but not a pig, you can always dress your pooch up to look like a pig; it’s almost like killing two birds with one stone.

According to a report in the Prague Post (h/t BNI):

Tomio Okamura, who heads the Czech opposition Dawn of Direct Democracy movement, has called on people on Facebook to bother Muslims in the Czech Republic by “walking pigs” in the vicinity of mosques, for example, which, he emphasised, is no incitement to intolerance.

The Dawn discussed the text of the appeal with lawyers before releasing it, he told the iDnes.cz server.

In the past, Okamura repeatedly asserted that he is not a xenophobe, in spite of his controversial statements about Romanies and foreigners in the Czech Republic.

For example, Okamura once visited a man convicted of a racially motivated murder in prison.

The text that Okamura released on Facebook is the Dawn’s “instruction for the protection against Islam.” It is signed by Dawn member Jiří Kobza.

The Dawn advises people to keep dogs and pigs and to go to walk them in the vicinity of mosques and other sites visited by Muslims.

People should also lead [seedy-looking] homeless people to such places, Dawn recommends.

For those who have mobile devices during their walks…

Establishment politicians all across western civilization are increasingly being exposed for attempting to hold a line that cannot be held. The zeitgeist of the time is beginning to catch steam. These dhimmis will soon be faced with a choice they don’t want to make. The longer they refuse to make it, the closer they get to choosing treason.

The current poster children for the weak-kneed politicians include – but are not limited to – British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.


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