Liberal NYC Anarchists Should Look To Libya to See where Anarchy Leads but they won’t Because they’re Too Thick-Headed

As Barack Obama works with Al Sharpton and other community organizers agitators to sow discontent and anarchy domestically, the president’s foreign policy has succeeded in at least one regard. In Libya, chaos, disorder, mayhem and anarchy have been allowed to flourish since Obama’s administration led ‘from behind’ to remove Gadhafi from power. Instead of staying behind to fix the mess, Obama’s policy shifted to Syria as Gadhafi took his last breath. Today, Libya is showing the world what the fruits of anarchy look like, Jihadi-style.

Back in 2012, as riots were taking place across the Middle East – to include several in Libya – in response to the Innocence of Muslims video, Senator John McCain appeared on Hannity’s television show and arrogantly told the host he was “wrong about Libya” being controlled by Islamists:

Now, according a report at the Daily Caller, it’s clear that McCain is the one who was wrong. Don’t trouble him with facts, though. He’s busy trying to replicate the Libyan disaster in Syria:

Though its government recently attracted headlines for spending a week trying to extinguish an oil tanker fire, Libya continues to struggle through a years-long civil war between rival forces competing for legitimacy.

The country, which was supposed to be a model of Obama-era reconstruction in the wake of the Arab Spring, has instead fallen into civil war since the ousting and death of Moammar Gadhafi in 2011, and the ensuing struggle for power. While U.S. attention for Libya has declined in the wake of the 2012 raid on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the state of affairs has only worsened.

At its core, the descent into chaos in Libya is a direct result of creating a power vacuum with no plan to fill it. What filled it was Islamic anarchists, the same kinds of anarchists that the Obama administration has embraced in the U.S. See if you can spot some similarities with what could happen in New York if the Bill de Blasio-inspired anarchists have their way with police:

In light of the violence, hundreds of thousands of Libyans have been forced to leave their homes, and some fighters have peeled away from the front lines to sow chaos in neighboring Chad and Mali.

As for Libya, four Americans were murdered – including the U.S. Ambassador – in Benghazi, leading to America closing shop in that city. Nearly two years later, the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli was abandoned, despite assurances that it was just temporary.

Then of course, speaking of McCain, it was he who forbade his running mate Sarah Palin in 2008 from talking about Obama’s relationship with anarchist Bill Ayers:

In 2013, Palin made it very clear that she was not to touch the Ayers subject:


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