Hillary Clinton Adviser Huma Abedin Magically Escapes Honor Killing During Trip to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia isn’t just governed by a strict interpretation of sharia law. It prohibits the public practice of any other religion; it is also Judenrein. Apostasy is considered much worse than being a Jew and is worthy of death. A Muslim woman marrying a Jew is about the most unspeakable crime a Saudi woman can commit. That is what makes the recent trip of close Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin to Saudi Arabia quite inexplicable if she is not a spy for the Muslim Brotherhood. Joining Huma in what should have been seen as a dishonor to the family was Huma’s sister Heba Abedin.

Saleha Abedin accepts Award from Dar al-Hekma

Saleha Abedin accepts Award from Dar al-Hekma

Instead, Huma traveled to Saudi Arabia without fear of death for her crime.

Despite being married to Anthony Weiner (a Jew), Huma Abedin (a Muslim) was allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia to witness her mother Saleha being honored by Dar al-Hekma University, where Saleha works as a Vice Dean. As a leader with the Muslim Sisterhood, Saleha should have been dishonored by her daughter’s marriage four years ago. Yet, Huma is permitted to attend the honoring of her Muslim Sisterhood mother at a Muslim fundamentalist University.

Once again we see evidence that Huma is an agent of the Brotherhood, not the innocent, moderate Muslim she is portrayed as being.

According to the Saudi Gazette, Huma’s sister Heba was also in attendance:

Dar Al-Hekma University honored Dr. Saleha Abedin, the president’s advisor, to mark her achievements and dedication to the university since 1997 recently at the univeristy’s Prince Sultan Auditorium.

“This honoring ceremony was way overdue. Dr. Saleha is a dear friend and a mentor whom I shared a dream with,” said Dr. Suhair Hassan Al-Qurashi, the president of Dar Al-Hekma University.”

She added: “This long journey has been rewarding and extremely fruitful. To look back and see the dream becoming a reality with Dar Al-Hekma and the array of empowered and distinguished young women is such an inspiring experience.”

Abedin’s two daughters – American political staffer Huma Abedin and PR, fashion and social media consultant and public policy advocate in New York City Heba Abedin – and eight grandchildren were also present at the ceremony to witness the honor bestowed on her by the university.

According to the Saudi brand of Sharia law, Huma dishonored her family when she married Weiner. At a minimum, she should have been disowned by the family. That she was not means that the family dishonored itself. In other words, Saleha and Heba further dishonored the family. Since Dar al-Hekma decided to honor Saleha anyway means that the University dishonored itself.

Of course, all of this is forgiven if Huma is practicing Muruna by using the tactic known as the Doctrine of Balance.


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