Liberal Atheist ‘Satirist’ Again Breaks Rank With Mainstream Media and Fellow Liberals After Muslim Terror Attack in France

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, liberal atheist comedian Bill Maher ever so subtly called his fellow liberal Kimmel out prior to railing against Islam in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks. Maher began by encouraging Kimmel to tell the audience what happened and then corrected Kimmel when the latter gave a politically correct answer.

Maher stopped him and insisted that “Muslim terrorists” carried out the attack. Kimmel conceded the point but later in the interview, Maher called America a “pu**y nation”. Whether Kimmel realized it or not, Maher was putting him in that category based on Kimmel’s reticence to admit the truth earlier.

Take a look:

Considering that Maher is as liberal as it gets, his position on the issue of Islam is very instructive on many levels. For starters, liberals are forced into cognitive dissonance they must reconcile because a celebrity that has served as the beacon of liberal thought is actually hitting them with a reality that’s much easier to deny when conservatives are the ones presenting it.

Another thing that Maher seems to get is the double standard. This is what happens when people engage their critical thinking skills. Despite his rejection of Christianity, Maher understands that Christianity is not where the terrorism is coming from. Other liberals haven’t even thought about that long enough to agree or disagree with it. They’re simply engaged in the group-think practiced by millions of useful idiots that Muslim fundamentalists desperately need. Liberals like Maher threaten that reality.

Moreover, Muslim fundamentalists know that when they lose liberals, they lose a much needed bloc of support. In this sense, Maher is a greater threat to stealth jihadists than are the right-wing conservatives who speak out. This reality was on display in the wake of Maher’s highly viewed exchange with Islamophiliac Ben Affleck last year, as reported. Fundamentalist Imam Suhaib Webb of the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) gave a sermon inside his Mosque and stated that criticism from the likes of Maher represented “code red” for Muslims, saying:

“…when even avowed liberals like Maher and Harris lash out against Islam, then it’s time to worry.”

Of course, Maher is an atheist who rejects all religions and is willing to throw the Christian baby out with the Muslim bathwater. His inability to understand that the two things are diametrically opposed is where he goes off the rails.


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