White House Propaganda Network Showcases Obama Adviser and Muslim Apologist after Paris Terror Attacks

On today’s Barrack-Ast…

In the wake of the terror attacks in France, the media and at least one top foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama are exhibiting very curious behavior. For example, on Morning Joe, which airs on the White House propaganda Network MSNBC, former Jimmy Carter National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, who has advised Obama on foreign policy for years suggested that “common sense” is more important than freedom of press or expression.

Brzezinski also suggested that western media should not use the term “jihad” to describe what Islamic enemies are engaged in when they fight the west. When advising Carter, Brzezinski initiated the strategy of covertly assisting the Mujahideen in Pakistan in their fight with the Soviets in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Brzezinski seems to have continued advocating for this strategy even today and doesn’t seem to view global Islam as a threat (at least he dismissed it in 1998).

In 1979, Brzezinski visited Karachi to rally the Taliban against the Soviets. In 1981, Barack Obama visited Karachi with his Pakistani friends. In 1984, Barack was working with Business International, which was in the business of helping U.S. businesses operate abroad. Also in Karachi in 1984 was a State Department employee named Alton R. Baysden. Baysden’s name appeared in the State Department Directory for Key Officers of Foreign Posts. The purpose of this Directory was to serve as a “Guide for Business Representatives”.

In 2008, Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama founded the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) in the home of Ray Baysden, a registered Republican.

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