Parisien Muslims: “The Jews carried out the Paris attacks to make the Muslims Look Bad”

Did not take long before the Jews get blamed for killing each other in some sort of Zionist conspiracy, despite the fact that Al Qaeda in Yemen have taken responsibility.

Here is an unusual unbiased report on this issue from msnbc

The sad fact is that most Europeans are either afraid of the Muslims or they just hate Jews. Saying your against anti semitism or against “radical muslims” is just talk, lets us see real action. So far all we see is the same political correctness and pandering to terror states like “Palestine,” Turkey, Qatar and others. The continual nonsense that Islam is peaceful and that its only the radicals is irrelevant, when one does nothing to arrest the “radicals.” Euro politicains know full well the problem but few are willing to take the necessary action to protect the people of their countries and just like it was prior to World War 2 none of them will do anything until the death toll becomes unbearable, or we have a “polish invasion” moment and sadly we are just not there yet.


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