U.K. Media Sends A Message That They Are Terrified of Muslims And Apologized For Showing Mohammad’s Cartoons

By Walid Shoebat

U.K. news network Sky News has apologized to its viewers after showing a glimpse (not even a full image) of the latest cover of French satire weekly Charlie Hebdo, the first issue to come out following the deadly attack on its offices, featuring a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. Here, watch the type of cowardice that will make you puke:

The network, part of pay TV giant Sky, in which Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox owns a 39 percent stake, showed the glimpse during a live interview with Charlie Hebdo writer Caroline Fourest. She was interviewed via satellite in a segment for the news channel, in which she expressed her disappointment that most media outlets in the U.K. had chosen not to show the cover.

“I’m very sad, very sad that journalists in the U.K. do not support us, that journalists in the U.K. betray what journalism is about by thinking that people cannot be grown enough to decide if a drawing is offending or not,” she said.

When Fourest reached for a copy of the magazine, the camera quickly panned upwards, and the network cut back to the studio. The camera ended up briefly showing the top part of the cover.

“We at Sky News have chosen not to show that cover, so we’d it appreciate it, Caroline, not showing that,” the host said. “I do apologize for any any of our viewers who may have been offended by that,” she added.

Last week, an old Charlie Hebdo cover featuring a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad appeared on the BBC in some library footage, prompting debate over the public broadcaster’s guidelines that reportedly banned all representation of the prophet.

The media in the U.K is scared out of their minds which gets to show that terrorism works on the weak.

We have always argued that in the west, terrorism works and the Muslims know it. This fear will increase terrorism tremendously since the Muslims have more on their list for things the prostitute needs to do in order to please the Muslim pimp.

Americans and as soon as a few weeks passed by after 911 they got with the program fearing being labeled as Islamophobes. And like cattle, they quickly got with the program and stood in long lines at airport security and the media banned anyone who condemned Islam. Everyone had to use terminology like “extremists”, “militant” and such. Similarly, when you see people demonstrating with candles or pens saying “I am Charlie Hebdo” and yet refuse to call Islam what it is, the religion of the devil, its all the usual spare of the moment and it is soon all forgotten and everyone will fall in line just as the Americans did right after 911.

The terrorists know this and is why I always say that the liberal western mediocre minds are no match to fifteen centuries of Islamic deception. Until the liberal West re-converts and carries crosses on the streets instead of candles and pens, the terror will continue and the liberal will get with the flow to obey the next item on the things to do list from Muslims.

If the western liberal thinks that he can fight Islam with secularism and pluralism he is dreaming. The debate that should be going on in the media is whether folks should carry crucifixes or not to carry crucifixes on the streets. That is the question. The Cross is the most offensive object to Islam.

Here, let me show you what real courage looks like and while Americans fear Islam even though there is less than 1% Muslim population in America, in Egypt there is a 90% Muslim population, and look how fearless they are:



Until then, and until the modern west learns that abandoning God and Cross has dire consequences, until then, stand in line like cattle, you have a long ways to go and the only lesson left is to get with God’s program. The only way you will learn is by watching high death toll. And when this happens never blame God who came to give life but blame yourselves for trusting the godless who take it.