Another European Country Standing up to Islam and Crowds Grow as Signs Read “Islam is Evil”

As Muslim countries attempt to exploit the Paris terror attacks to their own ends with the “Istanbul Process” to criminalize speech, it’s possible that they did not factor in the backlash from European countries in response. In the case of the Czech Republic, a small crowd grew spontaneously into a rather large crowd that included signs demanding that Europe “wake up” and “Islam is evil” in response to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo.

According to on Czech report (translated):

At Hradcany Square in Prague on Friday afternoon brought together hundreds of people to the last events in France in particular have expressed their opposition to Islam. Demonstration organized by an association of Islam in the Czech Republic were attended by various celebrities. Anti-Islam protests in recent days occurred even in neighboring countries.

At the beginning of the event at four o’clock in the afternoon on the square hundreds of protesters gathered estimate, police estimated their number at 400. During the event, however, more people came and final participation apparently approached 2000. Various celebrities and organizers spoke to a spontaneous crowd assembled near the statue of Tomas Garrigue Masaryk. There appeared a very small crowd of supporters of Islam.

People brought banners that said things like, “Europe, wake up!” or “Islam is evil!” Opponents of the demonstrations, which were only a few, while on the banner brought Islam must sign in CR want. The event began with people exclaiming, “Islam in the Czech Republic we do not want!,” followed by applause and the Czech anthem performed by son Charles blacks and Deputy Dawn Mark blacks. Followed by a minute of silence for the victims of attacks in Paris.

“I do not see fascists and xenophobes, but met with the people who love freedom,” he said with strong applause, one of the organizers of the demonstration Martin Pot. The crowd, of which there was that Islam is terror, he uttered the words about how the government and the media in his lie when they claim that terrorists are “some bad Muslims”. Prophet Muhammad as “a sadistic psychopath” and alluded to “blind obedience to Islamic”.

“Islam against us since the seventh century by the war,” said Konvička. Muslims urged to leave Islam: Czechs is said then to take and protect.

Here is video from the protest and although it’s not in English, it’s easy to pick up on the sentiment and take in the crowd size:

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