The anti-Muslim Demonstrations That Have Been Springing Up Across Europe Have Finally Given Up And Bowed Down To Islam

By Walid Shoebat

As long as you reject the cross, you will bow to the Crescent. It matters not how many candels you light after each terror attack or how many anti-terror demonstrations you march in, as long as Christ is not the center of your cause, you will bow to the Muslim crescent, like it or not.

And this is exactly what had just happened when PEGIDA, the most talked-about protest movement in Germany for years, which they held weekly anti-Islamization protests decided to cancel this Monday’s event after a threat was made by ISIS against its founder.

Christians were hopeful when PEGIDA demonstrations have been springing up across Germany as well as in Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Spain, but Dresden remains the only rally to have got off the ground in a significant way. The organisation has drawn huge criticism from German politicians, especially the chancellor, Angela Merkel. They drew a record 25,000 people last Monday, in the wake of the attacks by Muslim terrorists in Paris in which 17 people were killed. But last Monday, the liberal media claimed that some 100,000 German traitors, four times as large as PEGIDA, marched in nationwide counter-demonstrations against PEGIDA. Our sources say that there were between 30,000-40,000 anti-PEGIDA in that rally.

While Muslims worldwide must have chanted Allahu Akbar, the Bible warned that this spirit of Antichrist will overcome the saints while a few will do great endeavors.

And now the organizers of this “patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the west”, as they were pressured by police, said on its Facebook page it was calling off the event on the advice of police, who had told them of a “concrete threat against a member of the organisation team”.

PEDIGA then called on its supporters to place a candle, (wish it was a cross as well), in their windows and hang out a German flag on Monday evening instead of attending the rally. Pretty sad they were forced to stand down.

Dieter Kroll, Dresden’s police chief, said that there had been a call for attackers to mingle with the demonstrators and kill one of the protest organisers. He said there was no information about any specific attacker or how exactly an attack might be carried out, which led officials to conclude that there was no way to safeguard lives other than to cancel the rally.

Fighting the Islamization in the West, we have always maintained has an enemy within. While Chancellor Angela Merkel gives lip service that she will step up security measures against Muslim terrorists, she also stressed that “Islam is part of Germany”. She vowed to defend Muslims against what she deemed as racist slurs and attacks, and charged that PEGIDA’s leaders are motivated by “prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts.” So much from the nation that produced Martin Luther. A faithful Catholic these days who looks towards Rome finds the same things that a faithful Protestant finds when he looks towards Germany. Following the attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the Pope made his point by saying someone who insulted his mother could “expect to get punched”.

Things are happening as we said they will. Last week we wrote “We have always argued that in the west, terrorism works and the Muslims know it. This fear will increase terrorism tremendously since the Muslims have more on their list for things the prostitute needs to do in order to please the Muslim pimp.” Merkel is a prostitute and nothing more.

And as we stated today “In the wake of the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris earlier this month, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are also seeking to take a major step in Muslim progressivism. Almost singularly focused, the OIC has been attempting to criminalize criticism of Islam for years; it’s what they did in the wake of the 2005 Danish cartoons; it’s what they did in the wake of the 2012 Benghazi attacks; and it’s what they’re doing now and the western governments are taking their side.”

And in the U.S. In top-secret talks to settle federal lawsuits against the NYPD for monitoring mosques, the city is weighing a demand that it scrub from its Web site a report on Islamic terrorists, The Post has learned.

The groundbreaking, 92-page report, titled “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat,” angers critics who say it promotes “religious profiling” and discrimination against Muslims. But law-enforcement sources say removing the report now would come at the worst time — after mounting terror attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris, Boston, Sydney and Ottawa.

Sources familiar with the case confirmed that removal of the NYPD report is one of the major sticking points in settlement negotiations.

Also on the table are demands that the NYPD halt any ongoing surveillance in the Muslim community and that records of prior monitoring be expunged, sources said.

Even in France, where the attacks happened, when it comes to Turkey, a nation that aids ISIS, France is more than pleased with Turkey’s cooperation on security against extremist threats, according to French Envoy to Ankara Laurent Bili.

“I think there is some unfair criticism toward Turkey’s cooperation in the field of security,” he said. “We are 100 percent satisfied with the cooperation with the Turkish Interior Ministry and the police.”

When he was asked “How do you view Turkey’s reaction both at a state and a societal level?”

His response was to bend down to the crescent:

Both levels were exemplary. Erdoğan was one of the first leaders to call on Hollande and they talked the day after. The declaration of [Religious Affairs Directorate] President Mehmet Görmez was also very important. In such situations, it was very important to send the message that these acts did not have anything to with Islam.

“These acts have nothing to do with Islam”?

And when he was asked “President Erdoğan said xenophobia and the double standards of the West motivated the attacks. Do you share the analysis of the president?”

His response:

“The messages we get were very clear; there were “condemnations without buts.” I think it was very important for the president and the PM to say that the attacks had nothing to do with Islam. There was a risk that reactions to the terrorists could be used for Islamophobia. But we did not fall into that trap; President Hollande was very clear in his visit to the Institut du Monde Arabe that all citizens have to be protected, recalling the reality truth that the first victims of radicalism are Muslims themselves.”

Even your FOX News:

I hear folks all the time saying: “I watch Fox”. When CNN attacked me, Fox was the first to abandon me and now they threw Steven Emerson under the bus to please the Muslim crescent. But I am filled with joy, for Christ fills all emptiness.

When I saw masses saying “I am Charlie Hebdo” is when I saw nothing, just a mass for heretics. Abandon the cross and you will bow to the crescent, like it or not, is the way the Almighty designed it, He will send the scourge of Islam until the West chooses between Cross or Crescent and only disasters will get them there. It was the only language that ancient Israel understood and the church is also not immune.

cross copy

Make your choice: Cross or Crescent?


And this is how we knew that this will be the ultimate outcome of the attacks in France and New York. While we monitor terrorists, we also monitor western cowardice. The Bible says that cowards will never inherit the kingdom of God:

“But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” (Revelation 21:8)

Western cowardly leaders and church pastors and history shows how the west reacts to Islamic terrorism. Last week we wrote “Americans and as soon as a few weeks passed by after 911 they got with the program fearing being labeled as Islamophobes. And like cattle, they quickly got with the program and stood in long lines at airport security and the media banned anyone who condemned Islam. Everyone had to use terminology like “extremists”, “militant” and such. Similarly, when you see people demonstrating with candles or pens saying “I am Charlie Hebdo” and yet refuse to call Islam what it is, the religion of the devil, its all the usual spare of the moment and it is soon all forgotten and everyone will fall in line just as the Americans did right after 911.”

“The terrorists know this and is why I always say that the liberal western mediocre minds are no match to fifteen centuries of Islamic deception. Until the liberal West re-converts and carries crosses on the streets instead of candles and pens, the terror will continue and the liberal will get with the flow to obey the next item on the things to do list from Muslims. If the western liberal thinks that he can fight Islam with secularism and pluralism he is dreaming. The debate that should be going on in the media is whether folks should carry crucifixes or not to carry crucifixes on the streets. That is the question. The Cross is the most offensive object to Islam.”

Here, let me show you what real courage looks like and while Americans fear Islam even though there is less than 1% Muslim population in America, in Egypt there is a 90% Muslim population, and look how fearless they are:



Egyptian copts finally woke up after they have allowed Islam entry into Egypt which persecuted them for centuries. It was only then that they woke up as their nation went through the grinder of Islam.

“Until then, and until the modern west learns that abandoning God and Cross has dire consequences, until then, stand in line like cattle, you have a long ways to go and the only lesson left is to get with God’s program. The only way you will learn is by watching high death toll. And when this happens never blame God who came to give life but blame yourselves for trusting the godless who take it.”

The fault is not only on the liberal, it is also on the so-called conservative. When we write articles about a terror attack, thousands upon thousands read it. But when we write the extensive research on why they exist and how to prevent them, so few are even interested.

You fancy religious liberty so much that you forgot that your own liberty is threatened. You fancy Voltaire, Thomas Paine, Diderot, Rousseau, and all of the other devils of the Enlightenment, who ultimately with their heresies and maliciousness would commence their bloody French Revolution in which hundreds of thousands of Christians were butchered. And now with the freedom given to Islam, Muslims will butcher you and the only ones to blame is you.

I am reminded of the words of De Maistre, written with anguished spirit on what evil men took his country:

What folly it was to grant everyone freedom of speech! This is what has ruined us. The so-called philosophers have all a certain fierce and rebellious pride which does not compromise with anything; they detest without exception every distinction they do not enjoy; they find fault in every authority; they hate anything above them. If they are allowed, they will attack everything, even God, because He is master. See if it is not the same men who have attacked both kings and the God Who established them. (De Maistre, The Saint Petersburg Dialogue, eight dialogue, p. 269)

I shall resort to pray to the Almighty to have mercy on your souls.

The bells’ chime
Is flying above the earth,
And in the monastery
The fraternal choir is singing:
– O Lord, have mercy.

The kanonarkh*-monk
Has bowed to the ground.
And the bells’ chime
Fell silent at once.
– O Lord, have mercy.

– O Lord, I cry to thee, –
The tenor has proclaimed,
The choir has harmoniously
Echoed to the kanonarkh.
– O Lord, have mercy.

Candles, icons,
Robes, crosses.
The friary is singing
In a sad sixth mode
– O Lord, have mercy.

Pilgrims are standing,
The people is praying.
Rus’** is still alive,
Rus’ is still singing.
– O Lord, have mercy.

There are ascetics on crosses,
Beards, like snow,
Having lowered their eyes,
They pray for all.
– O Lord, have mercy.

With such a music
Go even toward death!
Is there much to sing to you,
Holy Rus’ ?
– O Lord, have mercy.

Your turn has come.
Young bell-ringer,
Awake everyone around,
Strike as hard as you can.

The fraternal choir fell silent,
The bells are chiming again.
But I can only hear
All around:
– O Lord, have mercy.