The Japanese Man Who Got Captured By ISIS Is a Confirmed Muslim Jihadist

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Last week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged $200 million in non-military assistance to support countries affected by the campaign against ISIS during an ongoing six-day Middle East tour. Today ISIS released a video threatening to kill two Japanese hostages unless they receive a $200 million ransom in the next 72 hours. What the media is not telling you is the true scoop: one of these two Japanese is a Muslim jihadi who converted to Islam and that Tokyo is unlikely to pay a $200 million ransom to free the two hostages and if they are beheaded (which most likely they will), this plays right into Shinzo Abe’s game plan against the country’s anti-war constitution.

One of the hostages is Haruna Yukawa, his first name is not Haruna but Harukana Yukawa  and his Facebook shows him handling an AK47 quite well. Harukana twisted his name to an Islamic name Harun, a common Muslim name. His conversion to Islam became obvious once we investigated Haruna communications and relations on his Facebook in which he had a love relationship with a Jihadi operative named Abu Tamim Al-Mari’i from Jabha Islamiyah of Sham (Islamic Front of the Levant). One of Yukawa favorite links is also Jabha Islamiyah (Islamic Front) on his Facebook which the link has posted a Jihadist logo that states “Islam is our pride and we will shatter your democracy”.


Haruna Yukawa with Abu Tamim Al-Mari’i

In one post Yukawa messages his boyfriend Abu Tamim in classical Arabic, “ana aydan bahibbak” (I love you too). This love relationship with Al-Mari’i will disclose even more truths behind Yukawa.

harun1 copy 2

Yukawa in classical Arabic, “ana aydan bahibbak” (I love you too) writing to Al-Mari’i

sham1 copy

Abu Tamim’s Facebook showing his connection to Haruna and shows his affiliation to Al-Sham Front

The Arabic reveals more than just a love relationship, in one post Abu Tamim Al-Mari’i receives a message from Yukawa “I’ve been captured by Al-Qaeda Al-Baghdadi …” which Abu Tamim Al-Mari’i posts and comments on it saying: “Haruna Yukawa [code name] Abu-Mujahid in Islam is now captive with ISIS”. Abu Tamim reveals that his boyfriend, Yukawa, is Muslim convert code named Abu Mujahid, (Arabic: father of Jihad) “in Islam” which signifies he is not only a Muslim, but a Jihadist, yet the media tells us that Yukawa was only “the chief executive of Private Military Company”.

mar2 copy

In the message from Yukawa he writes “Hello my brothers that [is] Harun Aukava I’ve been captured by Al-Qaeda Al-Baghdadi in the Battle of Brive Aleppo in Syria and is now to have a wounded and we negotiate to recover” Harun Aukuva is how they pronounce his name in Arabic.


Terrorists with the logo The Islamic Front with a subtitle “Islamic State Project”. The obvious goal is an Islamic State.

The Islamic Front which Yukawa and Tamim belonged to is a Jihadi group working to establish an Islamic State run Caliphate in Syria and Iraq that differs from ISIS. Yukawa is not the only Japanese who joined the Jihadist groups. There are also other Japanese serving with Jabha Islamiyah of Sham (Islamic Front of the Levant) whom Yukawa likes:

oth-jap copy

Another unknown Japanese serving with Jihadist code named Yo Zareef Al-Har

oth-jap2 copy

Yo Zareef Al-Har is also a member of Jabha Islamiyah of Sham (Islamic Front of the Levant) as the logo on the background shows.

yo copy

Yo Zareef and other Jihadis with sniper rifle

These Japanese, like James Foley are Jihadist sympathizers who pussyfooted with Islam, its obvious that Haruna Yukawa converted to Islam and just like the others did before him and now he dies as a sacrifice, not for any good cause, but to play right into what Shinzo Abe of Japan wants which is a  game plan against the country’s anti-war constitution. has warned on March of last year that Japan has an agenda. In April, a panel of Japanese government experts are expected to propose to Shinzo Abe a reinterpretation of the Japanese constitution in regards to weapons, in order to allow Japan to use weapons for defense against North Korea and now this ISIS event goes along such plans. Last year Abe used the scenario of North Korea attacking the United States and Japan coming to its defense and using weapons to prevent arms being transferred to North Korea, expressing his urgent desire for a more militarily independent Japan. After picking the hypothetical situation of “if North Korea attacked the United States”, Abe said:

When the international community imposes economic sanctions, we also have to discuss whether we should prevent weapons and ammunition from being transported to North Korea.

Whether Yukawa had anything to do with any master plan by the Japanese government remains to be found, but what we do know is that there is a big-picture few focus on when it comes to Japan, its relationship with Turkey and it advancement into reinstituting its old war image. It is interesting to see photos of Yukawa with key figures, one of which is with general Toshio Tamogami who served as the Chief of Staff of Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force justifying Japan’s wartime aggression throughout Asia.


Haruna Yukawa with General Toshio Tamogami who publicly justified Japan’s wartime aggression throughout Asia

The view of Japan’s revival is not only our view, but the view of top experts on Japan. “The election result is another indication that the rise of the right wing in Japan is real – it’s not just propaganda from China. It is a very worrisome trend,” says Yu Tiejun, deputy director of the Center for International and Strategic Studies, at Peking University, in Beijing, and a guest lecturer at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo.

Japan’s revival to its war times is synonemous to what we see happening in Turkey. Both nations are drifting backward and are in fact cooperating together. Like Erogan of Turkey who was imprisoned for his attempts to revive Islam, Tamogami was fired from the top air force post in 2008 for publishing an essay that denied Japanese aggression during World War II and claimed that Japan was tricked into war by the United States, China and an international communist conspiracy. The essay called on the Japanese to “take back the glorious history of Japan.” Tamogami has since emerged as the poster boy for the restive nationalist movement. Tamogami have benefited from perceptions that he had the backing of Abe — another nationalist favorite. An just like we see Turkey’s denial of the Armenian Genocide, he said repeatedly during stump speeches that accounts of Japanese atrocities, “comfort women” and other wartime excesses were fabrications by the victorious allies.

There are believed to be around 100,000 Muslims in Japan. Prior to the emergence of ISIS, one can find many examples of so-called moderate Muslims in Japan turn wild. Take for example, Hassan Ko Nakata who usually provided information on Islam in Japan and the concept of Khilafa (Caliphate).


Hassan Ko Nakata

Now he is a fighter in ISIS:


HASSAN KO NAKATA now fighting for ISIS has always maintained that Japan’s revival strides right along the Caliphate revival and Shinzo Abe is closely working with Turkey on its future nuclear program. Islam has also been setting  up camp in Japan for decades now. The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) one such entity, with even more sub-organizations under it that assist in distributing funds to jihadist organizations and facilitating the recruitment of promising personnel – with an emphasis in targeting non-Muslims for conversion.

It is part of a long History of Dawah Islamiah (call to Islam) in Japan. WAMY itself is part of a worldwide network of largely Saudi-funded entities with the main headquarters located in Saudi Arabia. Satellite chapters are located in 56 other countries and affiliated with another 500 charities /youth groups all over the world. The organization’s American office was closed due to having direct-links to al-Qaida; however, the majority of the organization’s offices remain open and continue to play a role in the proselytizing of militant Islam. With the infrastructure already in place after years of facilitating the travel of jihadis to Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Egypt for “more advanced Islamic training” (otherwise known as radicalization), it didn’t take much to refocus their efforts towards sending personnel to Syria to fight the Assad regime. Sub-organizations that are directly tied to WAMY that have played a key role in such efforts are Holy Quran International and the now-defunct Benevolence International Foundation and International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) – the later two being founded by Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law Muhammad Jamal Khalifa. It’s worth noting that before it was disbanded, the IIRO had a presence in the Tokyo-area.