The Many Reasons Why Erdogan Is Reviving The Ottoman Empire And The Coming Caliphate

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

After ISIS, what’s next and who will finally contain it? Will the U.S. succeed in crushing ISIS or will it simply be encompassed by a much bigger dog? And where will this Caliphate story end, or better yet, mushroom into an uncontrollable phenomenon.

We have maintained, that ISIS will never produce the ultimate Caliphate. Two decades ago we trumpeted that the Islamists of Turkey will revive the Ottoman Empire and today we remind, that you have seen this happening right before your very eyes and the evidence is mounting by the day.

And we warn that the next 4 years, this revival will be completed and ISIS will be encompassed under the wing of the Ottomans. Today we see this dead man of Europe beginning to stand up and we estimate that the next four years will be significant and things will move quick.

Just in the last few months since Erdogan took power again in August of last year we have seen several events to show that the image of the dead Caliphate in Turkey is arising again. In the Bible we read:

“The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.” (Revelation 13:15)

While this verse is multifaceted (explained in detail here), the image of the second beast is being revived as the first. This is the  Ottoman beast which was fatally wounded and its wound is getting healed by the day. On January 15, 2015, Tulay Babuscjo an MP to the Turkish AK Party from the city of Balikesir tweeted a photo written underneath the image “The interval of 90 years separation from the Ottoman Empire for 600 years has ended”. This 90 years is what Islamists consider the time that the Ottomans were dormant and they believe that the breath of life has entered the dead man of Europe to rise again.

The Turkish Today’s Zaman had this to say:

“Babuscjo also published a picture of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a meeting with Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas during a ceremony at the Palace of the Presidency: “White Palace” shows behind the Turkish honor guard wearing costumes representing the 16 nations of the Turkish founded by the Turks in various stages throughout history.

The Deputy for the Justice and Development Party on the picture commented saying: “We should pause at this photo and read it well: a rundown of the Ottoman Empire under the pretext that they did not hand Palestine to Israel and the scene of our president Erdogan with his Palestinian counterpart. It is more than brilliant. The interval of 90 years separation from the Ottoman Empire for 600 years has ended” in reference to the end of the era of the Turkish Republic founded by Kemal Ataturk on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire and the return of the Ottoman Empire.”

While such statements would sound like an interpretation of an excited Bible prophecy student, here we are beginning to see such statements from the horses mouth who know no Bible.

The message was simple. It was not a coincidence that the new measure has emerged with the recent Abbas’ visit to Ankara. For these located symbolism sources in the ruling Justice and Development Party say noting that the Ottoman Empire was ended because it refused to give up Palestine for the establishment of a national home for the Jews, and the emergence of slogans greeted by Palestinian President carries a connotation continuing Turkish support through history of the Palestinian cause.



Erdogan receiving Azarbaijan’s head in the presence of Ottoman style guards in reflection to a revived empire of the Ottomans

And last weekRecep Tayyip Erdogan will be the first Turkish president to chair a cabinet meeting since 1993 today, carrying through on his vow to transform the traditionally ceremonial position into an executive office. Selcan Hacaoglu writing for Bloomberg News stated today:

Erdogan, 60, became the country’s first directly elected president last year and immediately boosted the pomp and powers of the office, moving into a new palace costing more than $600 million and discarding precedent in which the presidency is a primarily ceremonial head of state. Erdogan’s ability to formally change the nation’s system of rule will depend on the success of his former party at parliamentary elections in June, after which they’ll seek to rewrite the constitution.


Turkish president chair a cabinet meeting

Engin Altay, a lawmaker from the main opposition Republican People’s Party, said at a press conference in parliament on Jan. 15, in reference to the president’s right to convene cabinet meetings.

“The president is not responsible for decisions taken by the cabinet, so he can’t have them take decisions he wants and escape responsibility.”

“If Erdogan is going to the chair the cabinet meeting like a sultan, then Davutoglu should “be dressed like a vizier,” Altay said, a reference to the form of rule in the Ottoman Empire, the predecessor of modern Turkey. Opposition parties say that Erdogan’s push for an executive presidency leaves the Turkish system with few checks and balances and will further deepen polarization in society.

Since August of last year, in lightening speed, our analysis in the past two decades has been spot on, day after day we see this dream of reviving the Ottoman Empire eminating  from the actions of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is seeking in every way to perpetuate his name, and revive the Ottoman Empire again, so that he becomes the 37th Sultan succeeding 36 of his predecessors.

Unlike what we see in the Western world, in the Muslim world this is becoming obvious. For example, the Turkish paper Today’s Zaman last month, the paper stated stated:

“The narrative, behavior pattern and policy decisions of Turkey’s chief political Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdoğan suggests that he believes the caliphate can be resurrected, with himself as the sole contender to become caliph, thereby gaining autonomous political authority over at least part of the Islamic world.”

Despite, Erdogan’s deceptive confirmation which continues to say that he does not intend to revive the Caliphate, everything he does refers to the sincere desire to do so since taking office in August last year, which he seeks to change the identity of the Turkish state and blur the secular features in the country, which is initiated by the White Palace. Erdogan then had a plane called the “Flying Palace”, an Airbus 330-200 at a cost of $185 million. And to regain the atmosphere of grandeur and pomp that prevailed during the Ottoman Empire the airplane is dubbed “The Conqueror” as a tribute to Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror.




The “White Palace,” is a project of a Sultan, not head of state, Erdogan to promote his kingdom, where he wanted to build a unique palace, the “Sultan Palace” in an area of 200 thousand square meters, and has a room in 1150, at a cost exceeds $ 600 million.


Then Erdogan hires 16 guards of honor at the White Palace, to receive the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, wearing fashion eras old Turkish soldiers, since the Mongols and even the Ottomans.

He then enforced the teaching of the Ottoman language and made it compulsory in secondary schools, saying: “It is time to return to our roots,” he said of this language: “It is not a foreign language, but the form of the Turkish forms”, and added: “indulge in it or you will not be taught.” had this to say about Erdogan’s reviving a dead language:

“Dead languages are usually taught only in the branches of universities that specialize in archeology and history … a call to the past is usually extremism which exceeds even the kind that Mussolini circulated about the greatness of the Roman Empire, which contributed to the emergence of fascism … this fascination has nothing to do with the promotion of a national identity, Ottoman is not a national spoken language. It’s about appearance, an identity of the Ottoman Empire which he wants to revive again. This crude form is fanatical and irrational and in this restoration it shows how vital this identity is in relation to Erdogan”.

He even revived the Ottoman anthem making these compulsory in schools, even the military has to chant ancient Ottoman slogans “March to the borders” with battle cries of “Allahu Akbar” in military training for the first time since the fall of the Ottoman Empire:

Erdogan then always intervenes other nations affairs particularly Egypt and Syria because they were previously under Ottoman rule, therefore he believes that it is a right to intervene in them hoping to be “Sultan” one day, while accusing his opponents in the media that he considered both Syria and Egypt as Ottoman mandates already. He awakened the arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt, as part of Erdogan’s expansionist dreams and after it became defunct in Egypt, he tries to revive his succession in support the rule of Muslim Brotherhood and condemns the Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi describing his rule in Egypt as a “military coup” while forgetting all the conspiracies he created in his own nation against judges and generals.


Reception by Muslims in Egypt on August 12, 2011 chanting “Egypt and Turkey, an Islamic Caliphate”

Erdogan’s party since he came to power during the past 12 years have restored 4000 Ottoman monuments, not only in Turkey, but as well as the restoration of a large number of historic Ottoman buildings in the Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus and North Africa, the areas of rule for Antichrist.

ISIS can never catapult unless it can easily gain major support from the Fuqahā’ [Islamic jurisprudence and scholars] but such allegiance was given to Erdogan, not ISIS when the Muslim Brotherhood including the Union of Muslim Scholars declared Turkey, not ISIS in Iraq and Syria, as the capital of the Islamic Caliphate. This happened when the most prominent spiritual leader for the Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi who is head of the Muslim scholars declared that Turkey is where the Caliphate will be established:

“We came to Turkey to assess the Fourth Assembly of the Union of Muslim Scholars in Istanbul, capital of the Islamic Caliphate!”

Unfortunately for Al-Baghdadi, the Muslim scholars has politically rejected ISIS appointing Turkey as their boss who will usher in a ‘moderate’ more deceptive Caliphate which will  arise in Turkey and enamor east, west, south and north and then all the chips will fall into place including ISIS following behind.

Erdogan is etching his name all over the Muslim world in hearts, minds and souls including literally posting his name on so many facilities, places and important projects are having to be named “Erdogan” is only a reflection of Erdogan’s intention to perpetuate his name where he named the largest airport in the world, the Stadium, the University, the tram, Parks, the bridge, and other places after his name.


Erdogan is reviving the dead emblem of the Ottoman Empire (left)



Lebanese riot police stand guard as Lebanese Armenians hold a slogan that reads in Arabic “New Ottomans in Lebanon” during a protest against the visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan outside Beirut International Airport on November 24, 2010.

One Egyptian newspaper as most Arabic media are hinting, they even see Erdogan has already set himself up as a Caliph:

“Since Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in the presidency of the Turkish government in March 2003 through the presidency of the Justice and Development Party and through an elaborate scheme not only to continue to rule Turkey for the rest of his life, but to be Caliph of the new Ottoman Empire hoping to rule the world. So his plan was taken in principle to have the end justify the means. So when he entered his second term as prime minister to stay in power for another ten years he chose to run for the presidency of the Turkish state, and since the powers of the president in Turkey is simply an honorary position which does not satisfy the ego of Erdogan who loved power he did not hesitate from seeking to change the political system of the state in order to continue in power for ten more years to come which cannot be described as a behavior of a democrat. He has already been elected president of Turkey since August 10 last year and since then has marginalized the role of the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu after the new Caliph [Erdogan] had all the powers and authorities in his hands.”

Erdogan by intrigue and deception is changing set times and set laws took over the most powerful Muslim nation on earth and is now reviving its dead image to everyone’s astonishment. Soon, they will hail Turkey is the leader of the Muslim world chanting “who is like the beast, who can make war with him”.  Islamists worldwide see Turkey propheticaly defeating Israel. It is crucial we review the Muslim world to see how prophecy unravels in their minds; they see Turkey as their goliath who will ultimately defeat young Israel:

But as we all know, when it comes to the story of David and Goliath, it was true faith, not size, that mattered in the end.