Five Muslim Chechens Arrested In France Amid High Alert For Storing Explosives While Chechnya Has A Near One Million Man March Against France (The Muslim Plague Is Upon Us)

Five Muslim Chechens have been arrested with explosives in the south of France. Authorities said that explosives were discovered during a series of police raids overnight in Béziers on the Mediterranean coast and near Montpellier.

The local state prosecutor, Yvon Calvet, said last night that the  arrests followed a lengthy investigation, which had started long before the terrorist killings in Paris two weeks ago.

The five men were “not known” to anti-terrorist police, he said, and appeared more to fit the “profile” of  people involved in “grand banditisme” – or organised crime.

The arrests came almost two weeks after the gun attack on the magazine which started three days of terrorist mayhem in Paris which killed 17 people.

Four other Muslims were arrested in Paris last Thursday and Friday were  accused last night of conspiring to commit terrorist acts with Amédy Coulibaly, the gunman who murdered a policewoman and then four people at a Jewish supermarket in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings.

The men, aged 22, 25, 26 and 28, were taken before an investigating magistrate last night and formally accused – one step short of a charge – of “association with terrorists intending to wound or  kill people”. One of the four was also accused of illegal possession of weapons. The quartet are believed to have helped Coulibaly to acquire a car, a motor bike, telephones and an arsenal of weapons, including six Tokarev automatic pistols, two Kalachnikov assault rifles, a revolver, tear-gas grenades and explosives.

Besides Algerians, France suffers from high crime and terrorism from Chechens since the muslim republic of Chechnya is a breeding ground for terrorism and in recent years separatist Islamist rebels have launched attacks in Russia, with whom the region has fought two wars of independence in the past two decades. On Monday nearly a million Chechen Muslims joined a state-organised rally in the Chechen capital Grozny claiming to be against cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad:

They chanted “La Ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah”: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. In the coming years, all these masses will have this written on badges and placed on their foreheads.

Nearly a million Chechen Muslims joined a state-organised rally in the Chechen capital Grozny


Chechen demonstrators with “Muhammad” signs


An areal photo of the Chechen demonstrators

From reviewing last weeks demonstrations throughout the Muslim world, the photos above, the terrorism in France and elsewhere, it becomes obvious that the Muslim plague is upon us.