Palestine is an Apartheid State: proof is here!

Mahmoud Abbas the leader of the PA, along with his religious stooges just declared that it was no longer “a temporary forced labor” but a “life sentence” for selling real estate to Jews.

apartheid 2 apartheid 1

Now, just imagine if a Jew stated that, regarding Muslims, or if the Israelis decide to build an apartment block in the suburbs of Jerusalem, the media and every other pro Palestinian proponent would be declaring Israel as an apartheid state, calling them Nazis etc, yet not one word will be spoken in the Euro or liberal media of the USA, about this disgraceful Nazi style crap.

This decree proves everything about what we have said for years, that the issue is not about land or sovereignty it is about Jew hate. If Jews cannot buy land in “Palestine” as Arabs can legally buy land in Israel today then “Palestine” based on its leadership and its religious dogma are racist Jew haters who have no interest in peace or living in a “two states, side by side in peace.” The neighboring Arabs talk and act like Nazis, yet project their behavior and accuse the Jews of exactly what they are guilty of.

I would also declare that any country that continues to support a “peace process” with the PA, basically are sympathizers of the real apartheid people and the psychosis that is called Palestine. A Palestinian state is not about creating freedom for Arabs but it is a propaganda tool to destroy the Jewish State. This latest evidence makes it clear, but the Jew haters of the left and Europe choose to ignore the truth, why? It is because they are also Jew haters.


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