Louisiana Governor Says Muslim Leaders Should PROCLAIM that Muslim Terrorists Are ‘Going Straight to Hell’ not Paradise

During an interview with Neil Cavuto of the Fox News Channel, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made the claim that Muslim leaders should not just condemn terrorist acts but should declare that Muslims who commit them will ‘go to hell’, not paradise. Cavuto then switched gears and asked Jindal about the Governor’s claims about ‘no-go zones’ in Europe. To his credit, Cavuto interviewed Jindal while admitting that his network apologized for reporting on ‘no-go zones’ and used that premise to set up a question for Jindal, who rightly made a distinction no one on the left is interested in Making.

Jindal clarified that Fox News apologized for featuring a guest who declared an entire city had become a ‘no-go zone’ and that Jindal was talking about specific areas:

While the Fox News Channel is backing down to pressure on the issue of reporting on these ‘no-go zones’ in Europe, Jindal is doubling down. As Shoebat.com has reported, Jindal has been pressured to walk his comments back.

Jindal, who is clearly running for President in 2016 has put himself out on a limb it will be difficult to walk back from if he has any hope of becoming the Republican nominee. If he does back down as and if pressure mounts, he will likely lose a large deal of support.

Here is Fox News personality Julie Banderas apologizing – one of several with the network to do so – for the network’s recent reporting on ‘no-go zones’ in France and Europe:

Highly respected researcher Steve Emerson, whose credibility Shoebat.com finds to be impeccable should be entitled to a mistake now and then, especially when viewing his many years of work. While Emerson incorrectly stated that Birmingham is virtually all Muslim, the larger issue his critics continue to dismiss is the Islamic invasion of Europe. In fact, Emerson was one of very few early pioneers when it came to warning America about the Islamic threat to the homeland. Instead, he’s being smeared, mocked and lampooned for making an extremely rare mistake that frankly, pales in comparison to the overarching threat Europe is going out of its way to ignore.

Here is Emerson being grilled by a BBC reporter who has zero interest in cutting Emerson any slack. As you watch, ask yourself when you last saw any liberal commentator make such an admission:

As Shoebat.com has reported, instead of confronting the very real threat to her city, Paris’ mayor was more interested in suing Fox News over the ‘no-go zone’ reporting. This is like the leader of France in 1939 threatening to sue the U.S. for calling attention to the Nazi threat:


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