Saudi Arabia Catches ISLAMOPHOBIA and XENOPHOBIA As it Builds Walls on Its Borders with Iraq and Yemen to Keep Muslims OUT

Whenever westerners warn of the threat of mass Islamic immigration, they are accused of being Islamophobes and Xenophobes. In the case of the U.S., any time someone suggests that America should construct a wall on its southern border to prevent illegal aliens from traversing that border, they’re labeled as intolerant bigots who lack compassion. The same was said about Israel when it constructed a wall on the West Bank to keep terrorists out; it’s been extremely effective. Now, Saudi Arabia has decided to construct a wall along its border with both Iraq and Yemen to keep members of the Islamic State out.

Saudis Showing signs of both Islamophobia and Xenophobia.

Saudis Showing signs of both Islamophobia and Xenophobia.

It’s now being reported that Saudi Arabia, perhaps the most Islamic fundamentalist country in the world is constructing a fence to keep Islamic terrorists from entering the country, according to NPR:

ISIS isn’t just a threat to Iraq and Syria. As the group spread across Iraq last summer and fall, neighboring Saudi Arabia started building a 600 mile fence aimed at keeping militants out. The Saudis are adding chain link razor wire fencing, silent alarms, watchtowers armed with video, along with thermal and night vision surveillance.

Toward the end of the NPR interview, conducted with an expert on Saudi Arabia, the guest actually comes extremely close to saying there is no difference between the Saudi government and ISIS:

“At the beginning of 2014, the Saudi’s officially put ISIS on their brand-new terrorist list. They criminalized any Saudi joining a foreign jihad. It’s explicitly illegal for them to be members of ISIS or even express support for ISIS. So, in that regard, the Saudis defined ISIS as a domestic security threat. And that was, I think, the big escalation. There’s also an effort on the part of the religious establishment at the behest of the Saudi government to try to delegitimize ISIS. That, of course, is a harder thing to do because, on the political front, it’s easy for the Saudi religious authorities to say these guys are bad because they stand and against our government. But, at the practical level, the way ISIS governs the territory it controls is not all that different from – at least in theory – the way the Saudi religious establishment thinks Islam requires you to govern any territory. They work from the same texts, and although ISIS is much more extreme and much more brutal, there is a similarity in terms of the core texts that both the Saudi religious establishment and that ISIS looks at for guidance about how politics should work in an Islamic State.”

It’s well documented that Saudi Arabia is a bigoted country that forbids the public practice of any religion except Islam. There are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia and the persecution of religious minorities there is legendary. Now the Saudis can be considered… Islamophobic too.

Saudi's Bigoted road signs are legendary.

Saudi’s Bigoted road signs are legendary.

It would seem that Saudi Arabia’s strain of Islamophobia comes with an added dose of self-loathing that simultaneously immunizes it from a cacophony of charges that it – like conservatives in the U.S. – is made up of religious bigots.

One thing not brought up or even slightly touched on in the interview is the fact that the Saudis are doing exactly what Israel did with the latter’s security barrier on the West Bank. Yet, Israel is accused of being an apartheid government at nearly every turn:

Israel's 'Islamophobic' Security Wall on West Bank to keep out terrorists.

Israel’s ‘Islamophobic’ Security Wall on West Bank to keep out terrorists.

The success of the Israeli security fence cannot be debated, though the real Islamophobes (left-wing projection artists) do it anyway. In fact, the Yemeni border wall looks very similar to the one constructed by the Israelis:

Saudis construct Wall along border with Yemen.

Saudis construct Wall along border with Yemen.

If it doesn’t work, why are the Saudis doing it on their borders with Yemen and Iraq?

For that matter, why aren’t the same people who deride Israel and conservatives in the U.S. calling the Saudis Islamophobes and Xenophobes?

The answer is that those leftists are either part of an agenda that has no interest in the truth or simply can’t wrap their heads around that truth.




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