Video From ISIS Killing Japanese Hostages Reveal An Evil Antichrist Master Plan To Revive The Ottoman Empire

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Understanding how the world ticks today, alongside reading your Bible is the key to unraveling the future. And while we try to understand what is holy, we must also point what is evil. When it comes to the world, Machiavelli once said “even evil acts may be put to good use if they are handled properly”. And today our preoccupation to the point of obsession with ISIS is not only terrifying since the world is standing still in a panic over terror of which is rivaled by no other. But if one thinks about ISIS, there is much use for it by expansionists who are taking advantage of the situation and is why major political players, particularly Iran, Turkey and even Japan see ISIS as the tool for a grand agenda.

Four days ago, when ISIS asked for two million dollars to save two Japanese, we said that “the media is not telling you the true scoop: one of these two Japanese is a Muslim jihadi who converted to Islam and that Tokyo is unlikely to pay a $200 million ransom to free the two hostages and if they are beheaded (which most likely they will), this plays right into Shinzo Abe’s game plan against the country’s anti-war constitution.”

And now, ISIS releases this:

While the media thinks that Shinzo erred, truth is, they are naive. As we stated prior to the outcome, Shinzo had no intentions whatsoever to release any hostages and in fact, offered them on the altar of sacrifice and whether the killing was real or fake matters little, it is the outcome that is necessary: Japan, like Turkey, needs to reverse back to its historic militaristic and ultra religious nationalistic past.

Has Shinzo really cared about hostages, why would he send Yasuhide Nakayama, who has long been seen as being close to Israel, something problematic when dealing with ISIS to coordinate Japan’s response and then condemns ISIS while standing in front of an Israeli flag in Jerusalem? His intent was to upset ISIS to gain this outcome and not to appease them for the sake of two hostages. And to top it all, Abe also chose to reach out to British Prime Minister David Cameron for help, rather than to seek assistance from Turkey.

Shinzo Abe

Studying devils is key and the reason we predicted the outcome accurately was that we realize that Shinzo Abe is not stupid, had he reached out to Turkey the hostages would have been released since ISIS has done all of Turkey’s demands in the past in releasing all Turkish hostages. Abe and Erdogan are in cahoots. In his January 18 speech in Egypt, Abe pledged $200 million dollars for “those countries contending with ISIS”:

We are also going to support Turkey and Lebanon. All that, we shall do to help curb the threat ISIS poses. I will pledge assistance of a total of about 200 million U.S. dollars for those countries contending with ISIS …

On january 14th stated “Buddhism will soon be just as dangerous as Islam, and will be a threat to all of Christendom. Just as the threat of Islam will reach its peak through Turkey, the threat of Buddhism will reach its summit through Japan.”

“As Japan gets closer to ultimately attempting its utopian vision of an imperial empire, we will see a Japan-Turkish alliance. Shinzo Abe said in October of 2013 that Japan and Turkey will not only work together in economic matters, but in matters of security, which implies of course war. He also described Turkey and Japan as the wings of Asia that will make Asia fly, implying that the two nations will control the continent:

Turkey, which has now achieved a robust economy, and Japan are partners in the G20.  In May of this year, our two countries pledged as strategic partners to deepen our dialogue and our cooperation of course diplomatically but also in security and economic matters, and to work together for the sake of the world.

Turkey and Japan, who are working to bring peace and stability to the world, are the two wings that support this vast Asia from East and West.

This image has recurred to me time and again as I set foot in the great city of Istanbul that connects East and West on this day on which you have realized the dream you have held for 150 years.

Bringing peace to Asia, as well as prosperity.  Turkey and Japan are the two wings that will make Asia soar.


The war on ISIS creates excuses for “evil acts to be put to good use” and if I was the devil, I’d says that these nations are “handling it quite properly”: ISIS is the excuse for Turkey and Iran to expand and indeed they are. I am reminded of Daniel 7 and its dual fulfillments as we see Turkey, the sly leopard for example is calling on all Muslim nations to unite in order to combat terror and Iran the stomping bear has arose to eat more flesh in which it just moved in through proxy into Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria while ISIS is getting closer to threaten Islam’s originator, Saudi Arabia as we see its borders with Iraq where ISIS is influential, and its southern neighbor, Yemen, is in the midst of a power struggle that Saudis believe will strengthen Iran, its regional rival. In Yemen, on the southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, right across from Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia across the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, the Houthi ethnic-based Ansarullah movement, backed by Iran, has just staged a coup.

The next few years will be an era of expansion for the two main powers: Turkey and Iran and this will be moving in lightening speed.

If you think that the political climate is slow, just think of how fast ISIS came about and what happened in Yemen is proof of how stunning surprises can arise overnight since the closer we come to the closing of this age, these birth pangs increase with more dramas.

So lets make it kiss. We can first ask as to why has all the attention and all the priorities been focused on fighting ISIS, mobilizing a regional and international alliance for the purpose of combating ISIS without a strategy, political horizon or a serious plan for the war itself? It goes back to that argument, politicians will never let an opportunity go to waste, if opportunity grabbers cared why is the world not really so concerned with the terrible neglect of what is happening in a small fragile country like Lebanon which is about to be consumed by Iran’s Hezbollah on the one hand, and ISIS and al-Nusra Front on the other while Yemen where the Shiites through the Houthis have controlled recently.

The existence of ISIS aids in the Iranian nuclear ambitions, and regional Iranian expansionist ambitions as well.


the war on ISIS strongly benefits Iran, and this must be raised explicitly on the table of Arab-American partnership in the coming protracted war. If not, Iran will continue to implement its own priorities, without any cost that it would pay equally with others. Iran would win Iraq again, as well as Syria and Lebanon as a natural consequence of the war on ISIS. Iran will also consolidate in Yemen, as a result of the Arab and international absence and neglect of this issue.

Currently Saudi Arabia looks at the expansion of Iran westward as the most dangerous strategic threat. Viewing the conflict through a sectarian prism between Shiite and Sunni is an over-simplification since not all the Muslim world are Wahhabists and the Saudis are bombing ISIS and declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization while both groups are Sunnis that alongside Iran and even Turkey has huge scores to settle with Saudi Arabia. This harlot, while it believes that it can make the nations drunk of her oil delicacies has more to worry about from her luxurious lifestyle, which Muslims worldwide abhor. We have several awaiting explosions to happen since Saudi Arabia is dead-set on stopping the Iranians in Syria and determined to balance their influence in Lebanon, which will ultimately have a showdown between Iran and Saudi Arabia (Isaiah 21).


It is only the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia is the single most important element in the current situation in the Middle East, but we also have Turkey’s troubles with Syria and Egypt and Cyprus. While in the short run, Iran is expanding its horizon, Turkey’s flourishing economy, its functioning tactic through the marriage between Islam and democracy, and its energetic and impressive leadership have become the envy of many Muslim nations. In the eyes of Sunni Islamist forces like the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Palestine, and their more conservative Saudi and Gulf counterparts, Turkey offers it “Turkish model” which is acceptable worldwide since Turkey demonstrates the success of capitalism (which pleases the West) with a Sufi Islamic flavor which pleases both moderate and fundamentalist Muslims even including the Shiites who have much in common with Sufi Islam theologically. Turkey is the unifying factor it is the center of the Caliphate and is the second most powerful army in NATO after the United States.


With ISIS, which is serving Turkey the most and is why Turkey refuses to deal with it, now we have every nation on earth desiring to see regional Muslim alliances toward a broader acceptance of moderate political Islam. The region is emerging from the uncertainty of the past half-decade, and the foundations of its future are taking shape with calls for peace. This will usher in Antichrist. The world has never been poised for a time like this.

We already see Erdogan taking advantage of the ISIS situation when he called on Muslim countries Wednesday to unite against terrorism that “firstly targeted Muslims” around the world.

Addressing the 10th session of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Istanbul, Erdogan said the only way to overcome the crisis in the Islamic world was unity, solidarity and alliance.

“This meeting is a great opportunity to discuss the problems of the Islamic world. Because we can resolve every problem as long as we are united,” he said.

“We may be speaking different languages, we may be coming from different geographies, and we may have different ethnic roots,” he said. “(But) we must put aside all differences among us in the face of terrorism and racism”.

Uniting Muslims under one language is the reversal back to Babel, especially when Erdogan focuses so much on: “When the Muslim world remains silent and every sect stands behind their own sympathizers, others are stepping in: terrorists and modern Lawrences,” he said.

British officer T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, helped Arab leaders fight a guerrilla insurgency against the forces of the Ottoman Empire in the desert during World War I. Modern Turkey was built on the ruins of the empire and Sykes Picot, the process of fragmenting the Ottoman Empire is exactly what Erdogan wants to reverse.


Erdogan has in the past raised up the ghost of Lawrence as a symbol of Western meddling in the Middle East.

Erdogan said the Islamic world faced a wicked game being played against Muslims. “Today Muslims are killed by Muslims. Both the killed and the killer are Muslims. We can have different sects, but we have to stand together to end this bloodshed,” he said.

But when westerners hear Erdogan talk of combating terrorism, they need to understand what he means by that. It is attacking religious beliefs is a form of terrorism, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday.

“Terrorism is not just committed by weapons,” Erdogan said during a speech at Addis Ababa University in the Ethiopian capital. “Attacks on holy values and religious beliefs are acts of terror and so is racism and discrimination.”

In other words, the terrorists are not particularly ISIS but the Islamophobes. While Islamophobes wounds Muslim feelings, Muslims in turn can wound the Islamophobes by killing them.


“As Muslims, we’ve never taken part in terrorist massacres,” Erdogan said. “Behind these lie racism, hate speech, and Islamophobia. French citizens carry out such a massacre, and Muslims pay the price. The West’s hypocrisy is obvious.”

“Behind [terrorist massacres] lie racism, hate speech, and Islamophobia.”
– Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“Take note that the acts of terror are not carried out in a vacuum,” Erdogan said. “The acts follow a predetermined script and we should be [aware of a] a plot against the Islamic world.”

The comments also came against the backdrop of continuing slaughter of Muslims in Syria and Iraq by Islamic State and Al Qaeda and fresh reports that Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram killed an estimated 2,000 villagers in its latest atrocity.

In recent months, Erdogan has cracked down on the press and made a series of bizarre statements, some of which seem to have been aimed at elevating his status in the Muslim world.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda are great tools for Erdogan. When Muslim terrorists kill, Erdogan condemns the victims as he did in the Charlie Hebdo case. In 2012 Erdoğan said: “I am the prime minister of a nation of which most are Muslims and that has declared anti-Semitism a crime against humanity. But the West hasn’t recognized Islamophobia as a crime against humanity — it has encouraged it. When it is in the form of a provocation, there should be international legal regulations against attacks on what people deem sacred, on religion. As much as it is possible to adopt international regulations, it should be possible to do something in terms of domestic law.” (Today’s Zaman, Sept. 16, 2012)

Is Erdogan really concerned about life? Devils want death, not life. The Turkish Ministry of Education has sent 39-page fascicles to the Governors’ Offices in all 81 provinces across the country, containing an outline of a new moral education program to be taught in schools nationwide.The Turkish daily Milliyet reported that these documents contain such pious phrases like “death is a blessing according to our faith. It means salvations from the heavy burden of living,” and that “patience protects moral chastity,” lines clearly meant to inculcate deep Muslim feelings of predestination and resignation into the hearts and minds of Turkey’s malleable pupils.

But devils do not simply want death for Muslims, it also focuses specially on Christians. There are immediate and long-term threats by ISIS on Christians which will be sever and few consider it since most think that ISIS is in Mosul where Christians have evacuated already. But the problem, which few are considering is that all across the Muslim world where Christian minorities live, ISIS through its Caliphate has magnetized a litany of major terrorist organizations, which collectively work under the same ISIS umbrella as they have given the Bay’at (allegiance) to ISIS and the Islamic Caliphate.


The ISIS Map of the plan for a Caliphate


The reason for a future escalation in Christian persecution by ISIS will arise dramatically is that since most of the major terrorist organizations have already joined ISIS. This lump sum includes Jund al-Khilafah (Soldiers of the Caliphate), In North Africa which will persecute Copts in Libya and Christians in Algeria and Morocco since Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (North Africa) and Ansar al-Shariah in Libya joined ISIS, this will increase the hand of ISIS in areas where Christians live. Consider now that the Taliban in Pakistan also is cooperating with ISIS where 2.8 million Christians live in Pakistan. Then we also have the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (Pakistan’s North Waziristan), Al-Tawhid Battalion (Pakistan, Afghanistan), Al-Nusra in Lebanon where major Christians populations live will be under ISIS’s major threat. Then we have Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen), Ansar al-Tawhid in the Land of Hind, all the way to India and Anṣār Bayt al-Maqdis in the Sinai which will threaten more Coptic Christians especially that we also have Jund al-Khilafah in Egypt is joining ISIS where millions of Copts live and Boko-Haram in Nigeria is already massacring Christians. Considering all these, we can see that such alliances under a Caliphate is detrimental to Christian security and we expect massacres galore in the future to the point that the biblical verses “and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” (Revelation 20:4)

I have always maintained that western mediocre minds are no match to Muslim deception. I have yet to see any give good advice. When Zbigniew Brzezinski used a scheme to utilize Islam as a weapon against Communism is when the genie of Islam was out of the bottle. Now, all the world will attempt to do is to claim to combat ISIS’s terrorism, this as all other belated attempts to reverse this trend will fail, the momentum had become irreversible and Erdogan is now busy putting back the Ottoman legacy by uniting the Muslim world which will end up comprized of ten Muslim spheres of influence  which will encompass the Levant, Egypt, North Africa, the Caucasus, Persia, Asia (Pakistan, Indonesia) and the center of Africa, primarily Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia and the threat on Christianity will be immense. What we must always remember is this; a beast is a threat on the Church beginning at its root, Israel and ending at its branches; the Christians.

And when the sly Turk calls for peace, the Christian will say farewell to his wife and prepare for war.

While many argue that only Christ should commence a war when He returns, none of these who make such argument would argue that Israel should only go to war when the Messiah returns. This is what the Neturei Karta argues. Such a lazy servant is cast into the abyss when the Messiah returns.

The song is about a young man, leaving his family and his beloved (Zare) to go off to become a freedom fighter (kumit) and battle the Ottoman Turks and their Albanian allies (the Arnauts). He knows that he will not likely return alive.

Translation (Courtesy of Mirjana Petrovic):

Be sad, Zare, we should both be sad for we are going to part
You will part from me and I from you, I will go far away.
I will go far away, far away to white Vranje
I will join kumits, I will be a young kumit.

Then I will take a royal sabre and all the royal weapons
and I will go all the way to Pcinja, all the way to Pcinja Presev-Kaza
I will cross the water of Vardar river, the huge Vardar river
I will fight those Turks, those Turk Arnauts.

Be sad, cry, we should both be sad when the Sun rises,
when the Sun rises, bethink it is from God,
you should know then that this is my, this is my white face
you should know then that this is my, this is my bright face.

When the wind starts blowing bethink it is from God,
then you say that this is my, this is my gentle soul.
When the dew is forming you bethink it is from God,
then you say that these are my, these are my small tears.