An ISIS Sharia Judge Had Enough With Sharia So He Decided To Defect And Secretly Fled From ISIS And Turned Himself In

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)
Abu Ali al-Harbi, a Saudi national who joined ISIS to be a “Sharia judge” in the Syrian Raqqa province decided that he had enough of Sharia, so he decided to defect, packed up, cut and run, then turned himself in to the Saudi Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.


Saudi Embassy in Ankara

The Sharia of Saudi Arabia, as it seems, was more lenient, or should we say, less worse under a kingdom instead of a Caliphate.

The story was confirmed when Saudi ambassador in Turkey, Adel al-Mirdad, referred to al-Harbi’s surrender to the Saudi Embassy in Ankara reaffirming that the doors of the Saudi Embassy in Turkey are “wide open” for those who wanted to surrender and return to their family and relatives.

This has become a typical story. Arabic sources explain why many Saudis decide to flea; they initially join in order to replace the Syrian regime with Sharia, but instead, they find themselves fighting other Sharia loving Muslims like the Free Syrian Army who also have the same goals. So Al-Harbi concluded that ISIS must be an agent of Russia and Iran’s conspiracy to thwart the Syrian revolution to advance Iran’s proxy, the Syrian Assad regime.

Muslims are having difficulty in realizing that spreading Sharia was the real conspiracy in the first place.  Islamic Sharia, as we maintain, is Hotel California, where folks like al-Harbi can check out anytime he wants but he can never leave since Sharia is also in Saudi Arabia. The difference there is that Sharia is well under control under a tyrant king who ensures that its full force is locked up in the closet. In the Muslim world, to denounce Sharia is to denounce Allah himself, a thing few Muslims want to do fearing Sharia itself.

Many who initially joined ISIS have had enough, especially the tender Saudis who witnessed too many assassinations where even ISIS terrorists have been executed. Lately “emir Hajez al-Shoula,” also known as “Abu Talha al-Tunisi” were targeted by unknown assailants on the road to al-Kam in the area of al-Khor.

They said that 10 from the ISIS police unit called “al-Hisbah” in al-Raqqa defected and fled out of the city. In light of the high proportion of defections, which were not confined to only rank and file, but military officials as well as finance officers. Last one was Abu Talha al-Kuwaiti who fled to Turkey, but not before he  packed up one million dollars of ISIS money collected by the organization.

But many other tender Saudis and Gulf state Arabs are not so lucky.  One medical source on condition of anonymity said that “the organization [ISIS] began to convey a large number of corpses of those who described them as traitors to the mountainous area called Houta, a natural pit deep in the earth in which the bodies are dumped.” The “Hadath News” site, recently confirmed the death of the Saudi Abu Nassar al-Harbi, one of the most important military engineers of ISIS, in a raid by the U.S-led coalition near the countryside Syrian city of Aleppo. One activist, Zaid Al-Farisi said Wednesday, citing ISIS sources that “60 ISIS members from Al-Muhajirun Brigade, mostly Saudis and Gulf states citizens, were caught trying to reach a point between the Turkish and Syrian border, in an area called Almenbtah, a well-known smuggling point,  they have left their weapons at a headquarters and under the pretext of going to the market to shop, they left the city but were stopped by 4 ISIS guards” Al-Farisi added: “detainees were taken to an unknown destination, and were executed on Tuesday afternoon, on charges of defecting Islamic Jihad, and reverting to Kufr (disbelief)”.

And as usual, the fate of all Saudis who are caught ends up thirteen kilometers south of Raqqa is an empty wilderness called Houta (Canyon-pit). There one finds terrorists dumping the lifeless bodies of their victims in this deep gorge which funneled the bodies into what seems to be a huge endless pit. An example of such executions and dumping of bodies can be seen here:

Civilians and fighters alike are having a change of mind about the so-called revolution share how grim life has turned out to be. Al-Hayat, a Middle East news secretly met a number of civilians in Raqqa and reported that many of the Raqqa city features have been painted black, to match the color of the ISIS banner of the Caliphate. Women, like the Ka’ba shrine, wear black from head to toe, and you can’t ignore how many foreign fighters there are. They are called the muhajirin [immigrants] and come mostly from Chechnya. They are in Raqqa with their families and can be recognized because they are taller than the locals and look different.

Saudi Arabians who export nothing but oil and Sharia tend to find difficulties when they have a taste of their own medicine, especially when the consumer is a Caliphate. As it seems, when Sharia is in the hands of the people, it is much worse than when it is under the control of a tyrant king like in Saudi Arabia. There, few are executed in chop-chop square to make an example never to mess with the kingdom. Firing an AK47 in Syria, as it seems, is not the same as firing one back home.