Speaker of Texas State House Denounces Freshman State Rep Who Stands WITH Israel and AGAINST Muslim Terrorist Front Groups

by Lynn Woolley

If you thought freshman State Representative Molly White from Belton would not stand up to liberal forces in Austin—think again. White, like many of her constituents, is fed up with terrorism in the name of Islam. So she put an Israeli flag in her office on Muslim Day at the Capitol – and suggested that Muslims who visited take a loyalty oath to the United States.

Texas State Rep. Molly White

Texas State Rep. Molly White

Speaker Joe Straus did not mention White by name but was visibly unhappy with her.
Democrats called on Republicans to denounce White’s so-called “vile and bigoted comments.” So did the day’s sponsor – the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group very closely associated with Islamic terrorist groups. In a day when the President of the United States will not say the words “Islamic terrorism” White’s actions and the accompanying protests reflect the frustration of the people.

About 200 people showed up for the annual Muslim Day rally sponsored by CAIR.
On the surface, it is nothing more than a day for a special interest group to meet and greet legislators and talk about the issues. But CAIR is not a usual interest group. CAIR’s terrorist ties are well known. It is past time for this despicable organization to be treated precisely as it was on Thursday.

What issues is CAIR promoting?
The underlying issue is, of course, the spread of Islamic Sharia Law. Protester Darcy Savage from Leesburg is quoted in the Dallas Morning News as saying that the Founding Fathers did not intend to extend freedom of religion beyond Christianity. That is a dubious claim, but they certainly did not intend for it to extend to a system of government, cloaked in religion, that is oppressive to women and condones female genital mutilation and honor killings. Much less, beheadings.

Of course, CAIR is too sneaky to come right out and support Sharia. But it is openly liberal. Its big issue at Muslim Day was to support in-state tuition of illegal immigrants. Another issue was to support costly body cameras for law-enforcement officers.

The solitary Molly White.
The President won’t do it, but somebody in power has to come out and say that the Constitution is not compatible with Sharia Law and/or the Islamic way of life. Perhaps that little job is now falling to a brand new state representative from Belton, Texas. She got support, but not from the leadership. Speaker Joe Straus – whom White voted against for the speakership – got his digs in. Maybe it was retaliation for White’s voting against him (and perhaps not), but he issued a written statement saying that lawmakers have:

“…a responsibility to treat all visitors just as we expect to be treated – with dignity and respect.”

Straus said anything else reflects badly on the entire body and distracts from important work.



While Straus was whining about White and the protesters, CAIR was busy.
The national office asked House leaders to rule on whether White had violated Rules by:

“…creating such an internal office policy that is selectively being enforced to discriminate against certain religious minorities trying to meet with her or her staff.”

And, in an editorial, the Dallas Morning News slammed White and her…

…”ignorant Facebook babble [making you] embarrassed to be a Texan.”

CAIR is good at what it does.
What it does is to cloak Islamic extremism inside a religious shell. What is its ultimate endgame? What do you think it is?

Rep. Charlie Geren stands up for Molly White!
Geren, a Fort Worth legislator, said White has not violated any House rules that he knows of.

“It’s her office. She can have whatever policy she wants.”

Geren is considered to be a top lieutenant of Speaker Straus. How interesting.

Enough of Muslim Day at the Texas Capitol.
It’s time to end this annual event. It’s like having an annual Nazi Day. When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?

Lynn Woolley is a syndicated radio talk show host in Texas who writes for WB Daily.

**UPDATE on February 1, 2015 at 10:56am EST by Ben Barrack**
The day after Texas State Rep. Molly White made national news, she was confronted by a local news team in her district. Unfortunately, White appeared to back down a bit, saying that her message was ‘taken out of context’. Instead of giving the reporter an education on who was really behind the rally in front of the Capitol (CAIR), White seemed to want the controversy to go away:


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