LEAKED AUDIO RECORDINGS Reveal Hillary Clinton is a Muslim Brotherhood Agent Who Helped Muslim Brotherhood Take Control of North Africa and Middle East

According to a three-part series published by the Washington Times, it was Hillary Clinton who was insisting that the U.S. remove Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi in 2011 while pushing false narratives to do so. These reports have allegedly caught the attention of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. What must be included in this analysis is just how influential Clinton’s most trusted adviser Huma Abedin was and is. If anyone had a vested interest in removing Gadhafi from power to benefit Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood rebels, it was Huma’s Muslim Brotherhood family.

To illustrate how close Huma and Hillary were, it was Abedin who first informed her boss of Gadhafi’s death:

Huma Abedin informing Hillary of Gaddafi's death on October 20, 2011.

Huma Abedin informing Hillary of Gaddafi’s death on October 20, 2011.

The timeline of events as they unfolded in Libya starts in early 2011. By July of that year, the positions of the State Department, led by Hillary at the time, were apparently so ridiculous that someone from the Pentagon went to the Gadhafi regime to tell them so. Using lies to justify regime change in Libya reflected a very pro-Muslim Brotherhood stance.

On June 23rd of that year, Hillary was in Jamaica and publicly weighed in on the side she was taking:

The first Washington Times installment opens thusly:

Top Pentagon officials and a senior Democrat in Congress so distrusted Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2011 march to war in Libya that they opened their own diplomatic channels with the Gadhafi regime in an effort to halt the escalating crisis, according to secret audio recordings recovered from Tripoli.

The tapes, reviewed by The Washington Times and authenticated by the participants, chronicle U.S. officials’ unfiltered conversations with Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s son and a top Libyan leader, including criticisms that Mrs. Clinton had developed tunnel vision and led the U.S. into an unnecessary war without adequately weighing the intelligence community’s concerns.

“You should see these internal State Department reports that are produced in the State Department that go out to the Congress. They’re just full of stupid, stupid facts,” an American intermediary specifically dispatched by the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the Gadhafi regime in July 2011, saying the State Department was controlling what intelligence would be reported to U.S. officials.

One month earlier – as Weinergate 1.0 became the focus of conservative media – it was Shoebat.com that was busy revealing Abedin’s irrefutable familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. At the time, Shoebat.com published the shocking list of 63 Muslim Sisterhood leaders; Abedin’s mother Saleha Abedin was on the list.

Try as we might, the media was more interested in Weinergate, which involved lewd photos of Huma’s husband, sitting U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner being widely distributed on social media. It was Andrew Breitbart who was front and center after having broken the scandal. At one point, just prior to Weiner’s scheduled press conference in response to the allegations, Breitbart made news when he took to the podium first:

At the time, I was actually writing for Breitbart.com. Up to that point, my articles were approved and sailed right on through. When I attempted to reveal the Abedin story on the site as an exclusive, it was rejected. The reason had to do with the fact that Huma was not only playing the role of the scorned wife but she was also pregnant. It was understandable on one level; Breitbart was at the center of a highly charged story that breeched the mainstream media’s firewall. Andrew was being accused of running with a false story. Being wrong about Abedin’s connections could have been disastrous.

Those connections, however, were irrefutable and the story was anything but false.

The Abedin story would lay dormant for one year, until Rep. Michele Bachmann referenced our findings in a letter to acting State Department IG Harold Geisel on June 13, 2012. That letter came with a 90-day deadline for Geisel to respond to Bachmann’s concerns; he never did.

Geisel: Failed to respond to letter from Congress.

Geisel: Failed to respond to letter from Congress.

On the 90th day, the Benghazi attacks took place. As Shoebat.com reported, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland – who sits on the Benghazi Select Committee – was one of the signatories on Bachmann’s letter:

Letter about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration sent 90 days before Benghazi.

Letter about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration sent 90 days before Benghazi.

At the time of Bachmann’s letter, Gadhafi had long since been removed from power after being killed in the street by Muslim Brotherhood rebels on October 20, 2011:

The second Washington Times article indicated that Hillary was so invested in Gadhafi’s removal and that her justification for it (Gadhafi’s plans for genocide) was based on lies and speculative arguments. Again, keep in mind that Hillary’s position was supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, the same Brotherhood that Abedin was deeply connected to through her family:

The intelligence community gathered no specific evidence of an impending genocide in Libya in spring 2011, undercutting Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s primary argument for using the U.S. military to remove Col. Moammar Gadhafi from power, an event that has left his country in chaos, according to officials with direct knowledge of the dispute.

Defense officials, speaking in detail for the first time about their assessments of the Libyan civil war four years ago, told The Washington Times that Mrs. Clinton’s strong advocacy for intervention against the Libyan regime rested more on speculative arguments of what might happen to civilians than on facts reported from the ground.

In the wake of Bachmann’s letter to the State Department in 2012, Republican Senator John McCain inexplicably stood by Abedin and denounced Bachmann from the floor of the Senate; it made no sense and McCain ignored ALL of Bachmann’s most legitimate concerns as he railed against her:

According to the second Washington Times article, we see that McCain was also on team Hillary in 2011 when it came to the lies about why Gadhafi needed to be removed:

Soon, however, the information being gathered by the intelligence community was at loggerheads with claims of the main supporters for war with Libya, which included French President Nicolas Sarkozy; Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican; Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John F. Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat; and three powerful women close to President Obama: Mrs. Clinton; Susan E. Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations; and adviser Samantha Power.

Mrs. Clinton ultimately became the most powerful advocate for using U.S. military force to dethrone Gadhafi, both in her closed-door meetings with Mr. Obama, who ultimately made the decision, and in public with allies and the news media.

There were two other Republican members of Congress who inexplicably defended Abedin in response to Bachmann’s concerns as well. Both had to have been quite privy to what was really going on in Libya a year earlier – House Speaker John Boehner and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HSPCI) Chairman Mike Rogers. Either these two men knew or they were left out of the loop entirely, which would have been an impeachable offense committed by President Obama. The silence on this issue from Boehner and Rogers speaks volumes. If it was done without their knowledge, they should have been up in arms.

Both men praised Abedin and derided Bachmann, who sat on the same HPSCI that Rogers chaired. Rogers referred to Abedin as “an American patriot” and Boehner said she was a woman with “sterling character” after being asked about Bachmann’s concerns:

Rogers was quoted by the USA Today about Bachmann’s concerns at the time:

“That kind of assertion certainly doesn’t comport with the Intelligence Committee, and I can say that on the record,” he told USA TODAY, aligning himself with party leaders who have defended Abedin. “I have no information in my committee that would indicate that Huma is anything other than an American patriot.”

Rogers: Huma Abedin an "American patriot".

Rogers: Huma Abedin an “American patriot”.

In 2011, as Hillary was making unsubstantiated claims that Gadhafi’s removal was necessary to prevent genocide, Rogers’ wife Kristi Rogers sat on the Board of Aegis, a company that was doing work in Libya that year. As Shoebat.com has reported, former deputy undersecretary of defense to international technology security John Shaw indicated that Aegis was ultimately responsible for the outsourcing of diplomatic security at the Special Mission Compound (SMC) in Benghazi that contributed to the murder of four Americans. According to Shaw, a string of downstream outsourcing decisions led to Muslim Brotherhood terrorists being hired to protect U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Rogers and Boehner

Rogers and Boehner

Moreover, in the third Washington Times article, it is learned that “key members of Congress” knew full well what was going on relative to arming terrorists, thanks to a lengthy intelligence report.

As Chairman of HPSCI and Speaker of the House respectively, Rogers and Boehner were most likely among those “key members” who had access to the report:

Libyan officials were deeply concerned in 2011, as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was trying to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power, that weapons were being funneled to NATO-backed rebels with ties to al Qaeda, fearing that well-armed insurgents could create a safe haven for terrorists, according to secret intelligence reports obtained by The Washington Times.

The reports included a 16-page list of weapons that Libyans supposedly tracked to the rebels from Western sources or their allies in the region. The memos were corroborated by a U.S. intelligence asset familiar with the documents as well as former top Gadhafi regime official Mohammed Ismael.

“NATO has given permission to a number of weapons-loaded aircraft to land at Benghazi airport and some Tunisian airports,” the intelligence report said, identifying masses of weapons including tanks and surface-to-air missiles.

That report, which was prepared in English so it could be passed by a U.S. intelligence asset to key members of Congress, identified specific air and sea shipments observed by Libyan intelligence moving weapons to the rebels trying to unseat the Gadhafi regime.

As the Obama administration was arming terrorists in Libya in 2011, the House Oversight Committee was investigating Operation Fast and Furious, which was a gun-walking operation sanctioned by the Department of Justice and its ATF. The operation blew up in the face of the Obama administration when ATF agent John Dodson blew the whistle on the administration after Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered on the night of December 14, 2010 and two of the Fast and Furious guns were found at the scene.

In the months that followed, Hillary began to have her way with a gun trafficking operation in Libya that Boehner and Rogers both likely knew about. As Hillary was getting her way in Libya, Boehner would spend more than a year putting the brakes on the Fast and Furious investigation. Even when Congress was on the brink of holding Holder in contempt, it was reported that House Leadership was reluctant to do it:

Some within House GOP leadership circles would like Issa to abandon his plan for a committee and floor vote, which was sparked by a 64-page memo last week, which laid out the case for contempt.

They fear negative political fallout from citing the U.S. attorney general with contempt of Congress in an election year.

The contempt vote ultimately came about despite the efforts of Boehner to help slow walk the investigation. At that, Boehner scheduled the contempt vote on the very same day that the Supreme Court was scheduled to issue its historic ruling on the Obamacare law. After the House voted to find Holder in contempt of Congress despite Boehner’s efforts, the Speaker demanded answers and that justice be done. Days prior to Boehner’s statement in the video below, Bachmann sent her letter to the State Department’s Inspector General that inquired about Abedin’s connections to the Brotherhood:

As Shoebat.com reported, one of the duties of the Speaker of the House is to order the Sergeant-at-Arms to arrest anyone found in contempt of Congress and who is not a member of that body. There are currently two individuals who fit that description – Attorney General Holder and former IRS official Lois Lerner.

Boehner has not carried out is duty in either case.

Perhaps even more disgraceful is that as Boehner was slow-walking one investigation into a weapons trafficking operation that contributed to the murder of one American in Brian Terry, he was at a minimum, derelict in allowing another weapons trafficking operation to take place that would one day contribute to the murders of four other Americans in Benghazi.

House Speaker John Boehner publicly defended Abedin in 2012.

House Speaker John Boehner publicly defended Abedin in 2012.


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