ISIS Releases Statement: We Have Already Smuggled Four Thousand ISIS Fighters Into Western Nations, Disguising Themselves As Refugees, And They Will be Executing Major Attacks

By Theodore Shoebat

An ISIS jihadist recently made quite a revealing statement: ISIS has already smuggled in four thousand jihadist fighters into Europe, and that they are entering in as refugees. He said that he settled into Turkey and began working on smuggling in Muslim terrorists as small groups into Western nations.

He said that the terrorists came into Europe on cargo ships alongside other refugees. They travel from the Turkish cities of Izmir and Mersin and travel into Europe, mainly Italy. The operative made it very clear that the terrorists intend to make attacks within Europe, especially Italy.

What is worthy of our attention is the fact that they are focusing on Italy, which is very easy for illegal immigrants to enter. Muslims cause many problems in Italy and even persecute Catholics. We have several examples of this. For one, in November of last I had the opportunity to interview Tommy Pacinotti, who informed us how the Muslims spat on conservative Catholics protesting against Islam, and even told them that a good Christian is a beheaded one and “death to the Pope!” This information can be heard in this video:

In the same month of November, 2014, thousands of Italians marched against Islam in Italy and even clashed with police and Muslims in the process.

A man in Italy was praying before a statue of the Virgin Mary while holding onto a photo of his deceased wife, when a gang of five Muslim teenagers attacked him and ripped the photo in half. That was not enough for the devilish heretics: they then turned against the statue of the Virgin Mary, broke it in half and then began to urinate on the holy icon.

There is a growing and intensifying hatred against Islam in Italy, and now with the influx of Islamic jihadists in the country, that hatred is only going to grow. Eventually Italy will revive back to its Christian roots and declare war against the Antichrist.