The King Of Jordan Determined To End ISIS. He Is Sending More Hellfire On ISIS Including Even Ground Troops (See Rare Footage)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Jordan is up in arms, demonstrations in the street calling out to completely annihilate ISIS while Queen Rania of Jordan led massive protests on the streets of the capital Amman this morning as thousands took to the streets after Friday prayers to urge King Abdullah II to step up airstrikes against the Islamic State to avenge the brutal murder of pilot Moaz al-Kasaesbeh. Even more shocking, Jordan is sending ground troops to fight ISIS in Iraq and videos surfaced showing the king in surprising footage unseen in western media.

Jihadists are upset at King Abdullah II claiming that he is “killing Muslims in Syria” and sent what they consider a leaked recording of the King and Al-Kassasbeh’s father giving a tribal speech which was immediately interrupted by the king who asked Al-Kassasbeh’s father pointing his hand upwards “tell them to listen to the jets”.

Al-Kassasbeh gladly complies and in tribal fashion speaks up: “Listen folks to the plains coming from Raqqa” as the crowd then interrupted chanting “Long live. Long live his majesty, the king”.

“Heil our eagles, where are you my son Muath, why are you not with them bombarding the enemy …”

ISIS responds with a clip showing the huge screens in Raqqa with Muath in flames as ISIS supporters chant Allahu Akbar”.

But the bigger story yet is that Jordan has sent ground forces and a video showing the King himself is supervising it claiming it was King Abdullah entering into a carrier while parachuters decsend into battle.

 As it seems, Abdullah’s visit to Capitol Hill coincided with ISIS releasing a video showing it had burned alive a Jordanian pilot it captured in December.
While Jordan kept the story secret, it is now revealed and confirmed that Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations are ready to send ground forces into Iraq and Syria to try to destroy ISIS, but are waiting for U.S. forces to join them, according to a Republican senator. When asked if Jordan was onboard with sending ground troops, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) replied, “Yes. Saudi Arabia is onboard, everybody’s onboard.”
“They just want us to be part of the mix because they have limited capability,” he said, before meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah at the Capitol. Graham made his comments earlier this week. He traveled as part of a congressional delegation to Saudi Arabia and Qatar last month.
However, a video was posted by The Union of Algerian Youth claiming it was taken from the latest missions on ISIS showing the King Abdullah supervising the drops:

It is definitely the king, but since we were not able to confirm the date its most likely old footage but at least folks can know, this king is no Obama college professor, he is a military trainer and fighter himself with special forces.

Before the jets take off, Jordanians are writing with chalk their message to ISIS even using Quranic verses:

A bomb with Koranic verses is pictured on a Royal Jordanian Air Force plane at an air base before it's launch to strike the Islamic state in the Syrian city of Raqqa

From the Quran: “He will burn in a Fire of blazing flame” (Quran 111)

Many wondered what were the slogans written. It comes from the Quran “He will burn in a Fire of blazing flame”. The preceding verse is “Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab” but the verse is given to ISIS telling them “you will burn in a fire of blazing flame” as they did this to their POW. It is literally an eye for an eye.

According to Islamic narrations, Abū Lahab (Arabic: أبو لهب‎) (c. 563 – 624) was Muḥammad’s paternal uncle. Because of his open opposition to Islam, he was condemned by name in the Quran in sura al-Masad to burn in fire, and to Jordan, so will be the fate of ISIS as it was for Abu Lahab.

A bomb with Koranic verses is pictured on a Royal Jordanian Air Force plane at an air base before it's launch to strike the Islamic state in the Syrian city of Raqqa

Queen Rania led the protests in the capital Amman (ancient biblical Rabbat Ammon) today, holding a placard bearing a photograph of al-Kasaesbeh as thousands took to the streets of the capital following Friday prayers while crowds chanted “Ya Daish sabrak sabrak Amman yuhfurlak kabrak”. It rhymes, “ISIS patience patience, Amman will dig your grave”.

The Ammonites are furious.

Speaking during the demonstration, she said: ‘Moaz died standing for his country and faith, defending our common humanity. We are united in our grief and pride in our brave martyr.’
‘Jordan is united in it’s resolve to confront this ideology of terror and ultra-violence,’ she added.


Queen Rania embracing Al-Kassasbeh’s wife


Queen Rania with photo of Al-Kssasbeh


Massive demonstrations in Amman “We are all Muath” “Our allegiance is first to our nation”

“Our allegiance is first to our nation” says one banner.

ISIS wants the end of nationality to melt everyone into a one Muslim world. The situation in Jordan from history until now is that it’s war on the Islamists, not just ISIS, is to keep their tribal government, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan seated. All power to them. “Hashemite” is from Banu Hashim, the lineage of the prophet of Islam whom the king stems from. But the king turned out a decent tribal secularist surrounded by most population who are Islamists who are mostly Palestinian trouble makers including some from my own family, my cousin Jawad Younis who plans with his group of Muslim Brotherhood operatives to topple the great king.

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