State Department Spokesman Wonders Why ’17 year-olds’ Join ISIS Instead of ‘Try to Start a Business’

It never ceases to amaze how willing spokesmen for the Obama administration are to look completely vacuous on a national stage. In the latest example, State Department spokesman Marie Harf appeared with Chris Matthews to talk about ISIS. Aside from making the absurd comment that while the U.S. is ‘killing a lot’ of ISIS fighters, ISIS cannot be defeated by ‘killing them’, Harf posited the following question:

“What makes these 17 year-old kids pick up an AK-47 instead of try to start a business?”

Psssssst. Hey Lady, it’s ISIS. You know, the bunch your president said is ‘not Islamic’. Perhaps if you studied the ideology behind ISIS, that answer might come a little easier.

h/t Right Scoop:


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