Tweet Shows ISIS Made Up of Foot Soldiers for the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey

A tweet sent out by Mohammed al-Houfi is very revealing about just how aligned ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey are. explained much of this dynamic in a post entitled, Egyptian-Libyan Crisis for Dummies. Here is an image of the tweet, with a translation underneath:



Why are they afraid of the Ottoman Empire? It is what united all Muslims under one banner, which was removed. All government systems of today were designed to keep the status quo.

As has reported in the past, Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi traveled to Turkey last year to declare that the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire would take place there. This served as a rebuke to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that he was playing small ball when he declared an ISIS Caliphate.

On the surface that would seem to make ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood enemies but if that was the case then, ISIS seems to be warming to the idea now, as it continues its expansion into Egypt and has formed an alliance with Ansar al-Sharia in Libya.

Moreover, as ISIS experiences the freedom to conquer and expand, it’s going to spend less of its time fighting the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, it will soon come to be that ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood will have a common enemy in Egypt.

If the tweet from al-Houfi is any indication, look for ISIS to begin to focus its energies on generating more chaos in the region. In addition to this serving its own interests, it will also provide Turkey with an opportunity to be more involved in Egypt. As a NATO member state, Turkey very likely could be looked to for intervening against ISIS.

In reality, Turkey is more interested in using ISIS as its foot soldiers in Egypt.

Its NATO membership could provide Turkey all the cover it needs.

As these events unfold, look for Christians to become even more persecuted, victims of Islamic terrorism and savagery. CLICK HERE today and help to Rescue Christians who are suffering persecution in the Middle East.


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