VIDEO: Savage ISIS Mobs Stomp and Kick Three Men To Death, then Tie Their Bodies to Backs of Motorcycles and Drag Them Through Streets

The savage murders of defenseless people in ISIS-controlled territories continues. Today, you can add the surrounding of three people by Muslim mobs who then proceed to stomp and kick them to death. When they are dead, the bodies are tied to the backs of motorcycles with chains and dragged through the streets.

The three victims were believed to be Syrian soldiers who were both convicted and murdered in the streets near Raqqa, Syria.

This short video via the Daily Mail gives you an idea of what took place. will update as information and more videos are made available:

**UPDATE at 11:06am ET on February 19, 2015**
The video posted by U.K. Daily Mail is dated, which makes this old news. Here is a YouTube video of the same event, posted last November:


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