CNN HOST DECLARES: ‘Right-Wing Citizen Extremists’ May be MORE Dangerous than ISIS

The propaganda coming from the left is increasingly staggering. In this one example, CNN host Carol Costello actually says that ‘right-wing citizen extremists’ could be more dangerous than ISIS. After introducing the report, Costello kicks it over to someone who provides two extremely questionable examples (h//t GWP):

The two examples cited by the man Costello was interviewing – Kyle Joekel and Brian Smith – were anti-government but had zero respect for the rule of law. Smith’s father talked about going to war with police. Another aspect to this case is that the individuals involved did not appear to be driven by any religion, just anti-government zealotry. One of the shooters had been diagnosed with schizophrenia:

Terry Smith’s other son, Brian, is a paranoid schizophrenic, his girlfriend and stepmother testified. He long believed someone was trying to kidnap him. He saw ominous portents in ordinary things: Gardeners, parked cars, sirens in the background of rap songs. He talked to himself, sometimes nonsense about “feeding demons.”

Gateway Pundit goes even further, making the case that the group – Sovereign Citizens – is a left-wing group.

The pushing of the narrative that ‘right-wing citizen extremists’ may be more dangerous than ISIS is sheer propaganda.

Earlier this month, Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah actually insisted that right-wing bigotry was responsible for a far left-wing atheist shooting three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, NC. By all accounts, the propaganda being pushed by the Obama administration and its like-minded media outlets is being kicked up a notch.


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