Radio Talk Show Host Mark Levin Quotes from Anne Frank’s Diary, then Tells Obama There are ‘Tens of Thousands of Anne Franks’ RIGHT NOW and to DO SOMETHING about it

During an appearance on the Hannity television show, Mark Levin insisted that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was absolutely right in his recent comments about Obama. Of particular relevance in the clip below is when Levin brought up Rashid Khalidi, a Muslim and former PLO media spokesman who is one of Obama’s friends.

Then Levin quoted a chilling excerpt from Anne Frank’s diary before openly addressing Obama, telling him there are ‘tens of thousands of Anne Franks’ who are ‘being brutalized’ right now in the Middle East, that need to be helped.

As has reported, however, the Obama administration appears far more interested in legitimizing Islam through Muslims closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, and with propaganda that consists of inventing right-wing extremists and comparing ISIS with the Crusades.

h/t GWP

Today, the Anne Franks Levin speaks about include tens of thousands of Christians who desperately need help that the world is not giving them. Please consider donating to Rescue Christians.


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