ISIS Captures 350 Christians, They Have Already Slaughtered 15 Of Them Because They Were Christian Militia Warriors. This Is All Part Of A Major Plan To Create Mass Killing Fields For Christians

By Theodore Shoebat

ISIS recently captured 350 Christians from various villages. They have already slaughtered 15 of them because they were part of a Christian militia and were defending Christian territories. It is said that one of the Christian fighters was a woman, and it is said that she was beheaded but this has not been confirmed yet. I did a whole video on this:

Archimandrite Emanuel Youkhana said:

Around 15 young Assyrians are martyred. Many of them were fighting to defend and protect the villages and families.

ISIS captured 14 Christians from Tel Hormizd, 81 from Tel Jazira, 21 from Tel Gouran, five from Tel Feytha and three from Qabir Shamiya.

ISIS captured 51 families, all of whom were Christians, from the village of Tel Shamiram, leaving the whole village deserted. They were said to have been moved to a mountain called Abdul Aziz, as Emanuel said:

There was fire exchange between the fighters protecting the village and IS terrorist group… It is believed there are casualties and many are Assyrians are been killed in the village. No news on the destiny of the families. Most probably they are been captured and transported to Mount Abdul Aziz, a nearby mount/region controlled by IS.

Mount Abdul Aziz is very significant, because in one report it is said that a mosque in the Arab Sunni village of Bab Alfaraj was calling Muslims to attend a “mass killing of infidels in the mountain of Abdul Aziz on Friday.”

All of the 35 Assyrian Christian villages of the area are completely deserted of Christians because they were captured by ISIS. This is part of a plan to create major killing fields of Christians.

Cain is still killing Abel, and all of blood of these successors of Abel are screaming from below the earth.

This is why we must work very hard to help save Christians from this type of horror and violence.